Xbox Game Room is Pointless

NextGN writes: "There has been a lot of people eagerly awaiting the release of the Xbox Game Room and after trying it a few days ago I can say that I have been left pissed off and disappointed. After downloading the game room I was introduced to a screen offering two free game packs. Wow. Cool, free content, I thought – then a horrible realization struck me: Microsoft giving a handful of games away for free? No way. There has to be a catch. However, I downloaded the two packs giving Microsoft the benefit of the doubt – what a kick in the balls that was… First of all, the game packs are just demos, and what's even worse is that you can only try them once."

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Not-So Average Gamer3187d ago

In my opinion, Home and XGR are both pointless.

alphakennybody3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

11 millions HOMElings(including me) says otherwise. Maybe if MS wasn't so greedy and cheap , XGR could've been better

FiLTHY GAMER3187d ago

Home certainly offers it's users a lot more variety in content - it also has a penny arcade, so yeah. I think the only reason why Game Room sucks so much is that it you have to pay for it.

deadreckoning6663187d ago

@1st comment- I too think that Home is pointless, but all that will change this year when Sony implements a HOME rewards for game trophies feature.

Flanders3187d ago

Latest numbers from Sony has Home users up to 15 million.

This really is an embarrassing failure on Microsoft's part to copy Sony's massive success with Home.

Not really surprising since Sony has been working on the gigantic Home online world since the early PS2 days and have over a decade worth of experience in MMORPG/online technology. Microsoft still can't even manage to implement standard dedicated servers for online games like Sony and PSN have. They should worry about getting their poor basic online experience up to PSN standards first before wasting time on junk like this.

Tony P3187d ago

Pointless is how I would describe it. Home too.

I don't see the point of virtual spaces. I'll take a personalized space *IN a game*, but forget just running around a glorified lobby playing minigames.

AAACE53187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Like I said before, I was looking forward to Game Room, but I too was left unimpressed!

It may feel worthwhile when they come with some games actually worth buying, but as it stands now... I wouldn't waste my money on any of that stuff available. And I don't like the fact that they want people to pay for future games like Pac-man and such again even though you might have already bought them.

So in my humble opinion I say... "F*** Game Room!"

EDIT: To those talking about HOME. The main things I liked about HOME was the Bowling Alley, Pool Table and the Chess board on the upper level in the mall. Other than that, HOME wasn't that great to me either. That Sodium 1 stuff was alright for a short time, but that got boring kinda quickly.

As long as i'm talking about HOME... Being able to use a mic would have really made HOME a better experience. I hated having to type everything out.

Godmars2903187d ago

At least when Sony gives you something free in Home, its free. Not just a taste to make you buy something.

Also Home, being a virtual environment, offers you the sight of virtual environments. Where it falls short is in the level of offered interaction, but then that's why you play RPGs.

gaffyh3187d ago

I know a lot of us on N4G think that Home is a pile of crap, I personally only liked Sodium One. But millions of people use it every day, I guess these are the people that don't visit websites like N4G.

3XP3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

"This really is an embarrassing failure on Microsoft's part to copy Sony's massive success with Home"

Really, you mean kinda like Sony did when they created PSN?

There are so many things different between Home and Gameroom. I really don't even know why some of you are even comparing the two.

And the only thing pointless is this article.

I use to play some arcade games that I really loved growing up, I would love to some of my favorite classics to show up on XGR.

bjornbear3187d ago

I also agree but we must be objective and understand that:

1. Home has WAHAAAYYY more users than game room as it is ever will

2. Home is FREE, something 360 fanboys just don't know the meaning of

so...please, next time be objective about your analysis (or as objective as possible, we are all a little crooked here and there)

HolyOrangeCows3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Why do they even have the ROOM? The room is pointless, they should have just put the games in the marketplace.

Just another stupid over-complication to something that could have been so simple. Like with the NXE.

Redrum0593187d ago

Home is actualy cool, got avatars looking like myself, james hetfield(metallica), solid snake, and Satan(just for laughs).

badz1493187d ago

it's getting so much hate since launch! I'm not an xbox gamer and I use HOME every once in a while to meet friends and chat. but from the look of it, XGR is going to have a tough times ahead! let's hope M$ gets the notes and turns it down a bit on pricing so people can warm up to the idea! nickel & dimming from the get go is a NO NO!

Megaton3187d ago

Just downloaded and booted up Game Room an hour or so ago. It's trash.

As far as Home is concerned... I haven't been on it since my 2nd PS3 broke last September. Before that, the only time I went on was when there were new free items to be had. I've always thought it was a waste of Sony's resources, and I still do, even if it may apparently be pretty popular.

pimpmaster3187d ago

home is really pointless, i went in there like 2 weeks ago and other than waking around the beach area there wasnt anything new to do.

Godmars2903187d ago

What will really make or break Home is how, when or even if, video and audio sharing is implemented. A one time payment with unrestricted sharing would be best, but most likely it will either be subscription basted or limited to what you can get off of PSN. With everyone having to go to the "owner's" personal space.

As for the XBLGR, MS's already said that they plan on updating character animations so that avatars can be seen walking around...just like they do in Home :p

Inside_out3187d ago

The only reason ANYTHING on the PS3 is free is because the competition is better...PERIOD...PS3 fanboys just don't get it...As a matter of fact, I think Sony is gonna give the PS3 away for free next...LMAO....AND still be in the bottom...

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van-essa3187d ago

It's not pointless, it's sh!t.

Midnight-Rogue3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

As a PS3 owner, I strongly dislike Home's community.I can only imagine what would happen if Live had a Home....ugh.

Anorexorcist3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

It was promoted to deliver that kind of strange nostalgia from gamers like myself who are now in their early to mid 20's, who grew up in the 90's rushing to an arcade after school with their friends to play the Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats and Samurai Showdowns. A virtual, free-form walk through a near-limitless arcade, but alas it has fallen short of ridiculous expectations that made it out to match or surpass the virtuality of Home.

Now the MS sycophants better start toning their expectations for Natal down a few notches, because they may just become as greatly disappointed.

jack who3187d ago

even tho i agree with the Article you have no idea wat your talkin bout

SeanRL3187d ago

Home and Game room are both gay, and both have have a sh*tload of potential. It's sad really.

3187d ago
Def Warrant3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Yep just another sad excuse to take money from losers. Don't you have genre defying AAA games to play? Oh wait....

GiantEnemyCrab3187d ago

Game Room is sh*t but your AAA talk is fanboy dribble.. ME2 says F U

SCThor3187d ago

My ME2 PC version says F U back :P

maxcer3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

don't crap on another userbase just because your in the poor house and can't afford a 360 and xbl. its wellfare wednesday this week, better get in line.

ActionBastard3187d ago

Nuh-uh! I can get achievements!

Is /s even needed?

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