Sony E3 2010: Year of the MMO

Will Powers writes: "Console MMO's? There is a ton a skepticism surrounding this genre, especially since there truly hasn't been a successful one yet, barring Final Fantasy XI. However with the continued explosive adoption of highspeed internet worldwide, and with current generation console sales eclipsing 33 million for Sony's PS3 (, now seems like the perfect time to test the waters once again. And Sony looks to be planning to do this in a big way!"

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Shamuz3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Nice list of games, looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV the most.

ThatCanadianGuy3005d ago

Yeah man, that game is gonna be awesome

Chaostar3005d ago

Yeah excellent line-up! If they announce a console version of SW:TOR I'll consider cancelling my PC version pre-order, come on Bioware show PS3 some love for a change.

ThatCanadianGuy3005d ago

YES! I have a good PC gaming rig but i always enjoyed console gaming more.SW:TOR & Diablo 3 are games i would love to play on PS3.

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Redrum0593004d ago

looking forward to ff14, it'll be my first mmo. if ps3 can handle 256 players in one online match of fps mayhem without breaking a sweat, than they can handle epic mmos. looking forward to meeting yall in the game as well, am i going to kill yall or spare your lives, who knows. lol :)

sid4gamerfreak3004d ago

Great if ps3 gamers can enjoy an awesome genre which we pc gamers love.
But ill stick to my pc for mmos, than you very much...

rexus123453004d ago

Looking forward to FFXIV too.
I do wish they could have changed the characters models a bit so it does not look like FFXI remake.

Tony P3004d ago

I guess I appreciate the optimism... but there's something sad about listing four MMOs total and proclaiming it the "year of the MMO" for consoles.

With all the back-pedalling and cancellations from console MMO announcements, I'd say it's far too early to make that call. There's a noticeable lack of third-party support here.

Pain3004d ago

FFXIV cant come fast enough for me.

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kanetheking3005d ago

a everquest if soe brings it to ps3.

nefertis3005d ago

DC Universe on-line, the agency for me and hopfully wkc2 this year.

keysy4203005d ago

i cant see being able to play all these at 10$ a month $50 a month thats crazy, i want to play agency dc and ff14. paying all that a month im not gonna buy any games

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Ninji3004d ago

And guess which MMO I won't be playing.

UNCyrus3004d ago

yeah, all these games are going to be free except FFXIV

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The story is too old to be commented.