God of War: Atlantis Could be in Kratos' Future

PSLS writes: "Now that God of War III has been unleashed upon the masses, die-hard fans have been wringing every last red orb out of the game. Enthusiasts of the series are curious about where things go from here. Some have even made bold claims of hidden messages within some of the original God of War's unlockable videos suggesting a new God of War game may feature a hero suited more for modern warfare rather than ancient savagery. However, Atlantis has been an area of interest for the team at Sony Santa Monica for some time now."

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JonnyBigBoss3131d ago

This actually makes sense. It'd be nice if future God of War titles continued the trend of pertaining to real-life historical information while throwing in a bit of creativity and imagination.

young juice3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

but wait, does this mean kratos beats zeus?

awwwwww F*CK... there goes the surprise

i guess not.... its just that i have been wonering for 2 years since ive beatin go of war 2 to see if kratos would actually be able to kill all of the gods.

and god of war seemed like it would be the perfect type of game to kill off the main protagonist. so yeh i felt like kratos could have died in a reasonable way

Sev3131d ago

@young juice,

Was that really that big of a surprise? The main character always beats the final boss. It's obvious.

cayal3130d ago

I am glad they didnt have Atlantis as just a single stage in GOW2. I would love to play it as an entire game.

HolyOrangeCows3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Under da sea, under da sea, there's no war or.....OH MY GAWD, RUN IT'S KRATOS!!!!!!

Well, he does go off the mountain at the end. Maybe he plummeted into the flooded land. Perhaps since he released his powers, people gained the ability to breathe under water and some are still alive. Perhaps Kratos will return to the former Spartans and lead them once more (Spartans stand tall).
Or perhaps it's another prequel like Chains of Olympus. Or perhaps a DLC episode.

CryWolf3130d ago

Its probably going to be another prequel to God Of War games just like what they did with God Of War The Chains Of Olympus.

DaTruth3130d ago

The power he released was the power of hope! No amount of hope will make you breathe under water!

HolyOrangeCows3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

But Hope saved us from a failing economy!
Oh wait.......
*Glug blug glug!*

I thought the powers he had acquired got spread across the earth also. I dunno, I'm no good with remembering stories. Maybe he just STARTS in Atlantis and makes his way to dry land.

sikbeta3130d ago

WOW, so many possibilities for The God of War series in the Future, just Awesome

shadow27973130d ago

I think it would be better if Kratos was the reason Atlantis is underwater in the first place. That just seems more epic to me.

PS. I've beaten Poseidon numerous times (love that opening) and I never heard any mention of Atlantis. I must not pay very close attention to dialogue during fights. Haha.

darthv723130d ago

as a psp follow up to chains.

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Nitrowolf23131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

if you notice how Kratos beats every god he gets a power from them? Notice he doesn't get one from Poseiden? well when you fight Posiedon you see him try to get into the ocean this is because the water will heal him. Now at the end of the game after the credit you see a trail of blood from where kratos once was leading into the ocean. Anyone else think that Kratos might have gotten healing powers from Poseiden? It was raining to so that could have given him enough strengh to crawl to the edge. As for an atlantis game that would be awesome

also idk but is that sheild thingy with the upside down V changing every filling up every ten days later or wat? idk just a thought of the 40day/40night of rain lol

wow idk but i would love to see that game

Zydake3131d ago

actually that makes sense remember the plague it didn't affect Kratos got me suspicious

Sigh3131d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Didn't Poseidon in GOW3 mention "for Atlantis!!!" or something similiar also when fighting Kratos? Can't remember since I'm not really focused on the story- not that I don't understand GOW3's story, I know what it was all about, just not sure about Poseidon mentioning Atlantis- which I swear he did. Not to worried about it since I'm just trying to finish titan mode to get my plat trophy.

Edit: ok now after reading PSlifestyle's article, there's the image of Poseidon saying "Atlantis will be avenged", which goes to show that making it the next setting make sense, especially with that site that's displaying rain and water that they show you after getting the plat. Great job on thinking of this PSlifestyle!

Gamehead363131d ago

That's one hell of a theory. Mind stimulation win. Bubbles

jalen2473131d ago

You might be on to something. I was thinking the same thing.

Godmars2903130d ago

Yeah. That's what makes me think this likely PSP game will cover Kratos, while still the god of war, travels and destroys to places like Atlantis. Which then leads to the gods turning against him and GOW2.

Then again this new game could cover, or just touch upon, the introduction of the other pawn of Gaia Zeus mentions.

Sigh3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I'm guessing the next GOW will take place between gow1-2, on the psp like you said. Chains of olympus was a success, so it be no surprise if they announced the next game for the psp. Plus Sony has been heavily focused on bringing the hardcore software to PSP.

Nitrowolf23130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Its actually mentioned in the game wow the gods turn on Kratos
++++++END SPOILER ALERT+++++++++++
At the end of the game Athana ask Kratos for her powers back, becuase she placed her power in Pandora box (power of hope i believe) when Kratos killed Ares he used the Hope Power instead of the evil dark power that dwelled in the box, so when Kratos first open the box, he unleashed that hate energy and instead of him consuming it, it went straight towards the gods. Much like what Zues did to Chronos out of fear, he did the same to Kratos trying to eliminate a threat because he feared it much like he did Chronos.
+++++++++++END SPOILER+++++++++++++++

Now i am actually hoping its not on PSP or at least not our current psp

I am actually hoping that this will be a launch title for PSP 2 if its revealed at this E3, If they can get PSP to run full PS2 games and better and have a second anolog stick along with some other buttons then i honestly would not mind at all to see it on the handheld. But i would perfer PS3 obviouse reasons.

Also i am a bit confused on the other PWN
did Kratos bro have a name from the one in previouse GOW games?
or is Herculas his actually bro? 9actually Kratos i believ has allot of bros idk how many kids Zeus has)
But is Herculas is bro that they are mentioning?
cause i see everyone saying that it might be a story about the other warrior but the onlky other one i could think is his bro.

Ninji3130d ago

He fell into River Styx and lost his powers so he wouldn't have them at the end of the game.

Zydake3130d ago

touche' ninji touche'

weazel3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

..but when you use poseidon's bride to chock the gear in place, don't you pick up one of his artifacts? (Hmmm...that just sounds wrong..)

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LordMarius3131d ago

Do not want, Kratos journey has ended there is no need to bring him back. I'm okay with his brother, but no more Kratos.

BattleAxe3131d ago

You're on your own with that comment

LordMarius3130d ago

then that will just be milking the series if they used Kratos again

Scolar Visari3130d ago

Considering there have only been 3 main console entries in the past 5 years, and two spin-offs, I wouldn't consider that milking at all.

NewYork2143130d ago

I dont think they are milking the series at all if they use Kratos again but id rather they switch to someone else for the next game at least. they can come back later if they want. start a new story with a new character.

IHateYouFanboys3130d ago


completely agree. the Kratos story is done, leave it alone and move on.

i despised the ending of God of War 3, it was a huge let down after the way it had all been built up in the game. this was always going to be the last game in Kratos' story, so why end it the way they did? really disappointed.

what they need to do next is go back to all the stories that were in the extra videos that came with god of war 1, all about Kratos' weaker brother and the titans. anyone remember the video where it ended in MODERN times, with helicopters flying around and discovering the body of Kronos the Titan? now THAT is a storyline i really hope they follow through on.

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AngryFork3131d ago

That would be very interesting.

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