Famitsu's most-wanted games

Famitsu has shared a list of the top 30 most-wanted games across all platforms.

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Valay3100d ago

So many games I'm looking forward to on that list.

Funny that Dragon Quest X is number one since we don't really know anything about it at all.

mjolliffe3100d ago

I'm surprised The Last Guardian isn't higher!

R_19933100d ago

What's more suprising is that Golden Sun DS isn't anywhere on that list. Such a shame.

mikeslemonade3100d ago

Monster Hunter doesn't hit the top 10 because it's on the 360.

Last Guardian is kind of an unknown name in general, but once they market it that it's the successor to ICO and SoTC it will hit the top 10.

Don't know why GT5 is so low, but it hasn't been in the news as much as the other games, so it's probably not on the map of most of the japan gamers.

sunnygrg3100d ago

lol @ The Last Remnant.

Imtey3100d ago

This list is so Japanese :P

FarEastOrient3099d ago

I was wondering about The Last Remanat for more than a year now, since there is still a greater demand for it to be on the PS3 than there was in number of sales it did on the Xbox 360. Square Enix have you lost your audience and money?

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Ziriux3100d ago

Where do you get this famistu crap?

-Mezzo-3100d ago

PS# games are all over the charts.

ClownBelt3100d ago

"Last Remnant - PS3"

What the flying hell?

Grassroots3100d ago

read my mind.... thought it was scrapped for the PS3.

Valay3100d ago

I guess Japanese gamers are still hoping the PS3 version will be released.

Godmars2903100d ago

not only have they been going back and forth on a FFVII remake, but the PS3 version of Last Remnant is at #9 on a most wanted list.


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The story is too old to be commented.