GamePolitics: Based on math, Xbox 360 Failure Rate Between 29-43%

Gamepolitics has created a simple equation which is said to derive the apporximate failure rate of the Xbox 360. They conclude that a failure rate of anywhere between 29-43% is possible, and say that perhaps the 33% failure rate cited by retailers is just about correct.

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ReconHope3881d ago

do u submit b4 it becomes lame.

omansteveo3881d ago

Dude i was thinking the same thing when i read the the question is how many Disagrees' will we get from Sony fans

masterg3881d ago

It becomes lame just as fast as "PS3 is not selling well" articles.
At least this one is the truth :)

tehcellownu3881d ago

there was so many news on how the ps3 is failing and teh doom of sony is comin and blue ray is sony last hope and omg ps3 isnt yes its all been proven least the news about 360s dying is true..

MK_Red3881d ago

I meant no offence to site users. I posted this because it comes from a respected site like GamePolitics and thought it wasn't a bad read.

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Excalibur3881d ago

I just don't believe even the lowest number is that high...

ALI G3881d ago

the whole 1 billion will go to the console repair forgetting other coast,shipping + refunding...., that will go as high as 30% from total .it totally ignore the fact that a console could break more than once over the period of 3 sources but some report and some ......
please do not submit such material in N4G

weekapaugh3881d ago

reason #42,376,198 not to own an xbox.

DrWan3881d ago

tis article actually is better, it showed the math calculation