NextGN Review: Bioshock 2

NextGN writes: "Bioshock was a surprise. A nice surprise. It landed on the Xbox 360 and PC with a thud and scooped up lots of positive reviews as well as a few Game of the Year acknowledgments. It was a clever blend of first-person-shooter gameplay spliced with role-playing-game elements which was held together by a well designed story and heavily-stylized environment. 3 years later, 2K Games have decided to treat us to a second installment."

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PeterPanParadox3187d ago

Couldn't agree more with this review. Great game, but just can't help be compared.

Not-So Average Gamer3187d ago

This was one of the games I was most excited for in 2009... then, the reviews came and I completely lost interest.

BobKotickIsTheKiller3187d ago

It's a great game... it is just hard as hell to live up to the first one. You should still give it a try.

godmoney3187d ago

Why? Reviews are really good...