Visceral Games comment about 3D support in Dead Space 2

During their PAX East 2010 panel, Visceral Games discussed the possibility of adding 3D support to Dead Space 2. They also seemingly confirmed a PC version of the upcoming horror game.

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movements3182d ago

3D is really starting to come into its own. It would seem however, that PS3 will be the only beneficiary.

mrv3213182d ago

I believe PC has been running 3D for a while I believe, so the PC and PS3 version would benefit from this but most likely not effect the majority of players.

It's framerate which does it for me... so if I had a decent PC I'd buy the PC version.

I probably won't buy this game, I could never play scary games for more than Half and hour even at night. I even have to stop in parts of Resistance fall of man.

mjolliffe3182d ago

Yeah it's not just the PS3, I saw a bunch of PC 3D demo's a long time ago with Arkham Asylum being the highlight XD

Pandamobile3182d ago

PC 3D is a lot more affordable. I saw the 3D TV's being unveiled at Best Buy yesterday and tried out the demo with Monsters vs Aliens.

$4000 for the TV, two pairs of glasses, Bluray player and the Monsters vs Aliens movie.

The Nvidia 3D Vision kit is only $600 for the 120 Hz monitor and glasses. Plus you get to play your games in true stereoscopic 3D, and not that pseudo 3D the 3D TV's can use for 2D content.

Sharpshell3182d ago

Maybe I'm dumb... probably. But how is 3D on the PS3 going to work? Do you need a 3D capable TV? If so, feck! B/C I bought a new LED TV a few months ago, which is awesome, but can I not do 3D?

mrv3213182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

I feel 3D is like the online of last generation, sure it was their but it didn't come to blossom.

In theory it probably doesn't take much to make a 3D game or so I'd imagine... just the power isn't their plus we are fairly far into this generation for developers to throw enough at 3D gaming, many of who'm are doing it just to give their guys some experience before the next generation fully brings it out, for ALL games. That's my opinion atleast.

Personally I'm ok with this generation, probably the best of all time. Just look

-Motion controllers
-Downloadable content

Now all we need are so elements to be adapted and improved further, I don't think the next generation will be as big.

-Motion controllers with accuracy
-Downloadable content with cloud
-Online accross platforms
-HD, 1080p at 60FPS
-Multimedia 1TB+ with a full OS.

The next generation won't add much new but will improve on stuff such as 3D.

'Maybe I'm dumb... probably. But how is 3D on the PS3 going to work? Do you need a 3D capable TV? If so, feck! B/C I bought a new LED TV a few months ago, which is awesome, but can I not do 3D? '

Ok, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe so long as your LED TV RUNS at either 120Hz or 200Hz you should be fine, you'd need to buy something extra. This how it believes it works. We have two eyes, in real life we see two seperate images which our brain then puts those two images together into one image and thus 3D or something. Now with video games you only see one image which the console outputs. With 3D gaming the console outputs two images. The TV can only display one images, so the console outputs two images in quic succession hense why you need the 120 Hz thing. It's still not over mind you, there's ONE final step, the brain and eye can see things above 200Hz so you will stil two images hence why without special glasses you see blurry lines. These glasses then delay one images so you see both images at the same time, fixing the problem.

The glasses kit will set you back less than $100 apparently which isn't too bad considering that's less than a GH... Rock band or two games.

Daver3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )


There will be an firmware update for your ps3 but yes you will need a new TV, one that supports 3D

''I don't think the next generation will be as big.''
People always say that and they always bring new things.

As for me, I think 3D will be awesome even if it gets a slow start, people will see the benefit

sikbeta3182d ago

Bring it On, 3D Gaming will Be So Awesome, I'll buy a Huge 3D Ready HDTV and when the PS3 FW come out, also I want to buy the Nvidia 3D Vision, after playing a Couple of minutes of B:AA with the 3D kit, I can only tell that is EPIC

jack_burt0n3182d ago

There will be monitors that double up for pc and ps3 3d gaming which i reckon will be the route most of us poor gamers will take, those tv's your seeing @$4000 are first to market so the mark up is huge to cater to the wealthy got to have everything straight away crowd, all that matters is that in the next 18 months 3d technology in tv's at mid range becomes standard and seeing as sony, samsung and matsushita control the market it will do.

Its simply just 720p to 1080p to 3dtv its the evolution of hdtv.

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TheIneffableBob3182d ago

EA is selling a PC version of Dead Space 2 in their store so I think it's confirmed.

-Mezzo-3182d ago

Looking forward to it.

hoops3182d ago

3D for consoles won't take off until the next round of consoles.
The cost is just too high. SOmeone on this site, i can't remember who stated INCORRECTLY that the new 3D HDTV's would cost the same as the current HDTV's out now.
How wrong that was. A 40" 3D HDTV will set you back almost $3000 and that does not include even one pair of glasses. You can buy a LCD HDTV 42" for $800+ now...LED version for $1200.
The glasses in itself are $250 EACH! Then you have to buy the special 3D HDMI cable. That Blu-Ray player you bought yesterday...and I do mean YESTERDAY for $400...won't work for 3D movies. That $3000 HDTV LED you bought yesterday...won;t work either. Tell the average consumer that they need to spend another 3 grand and cables for 3D and $250 each for glasses just to watch and or play games in 3D...
Good luck.
The PC has been doing 3D gaming for years and has frame rates to match it.
Remember folks, frame rates are cut in half so any game running at 30fps (99% of PS3 and Xbox360 games) will run at 15fps in 3D. That is craptastic

Blaster_Master3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Ya cause you know, 3-d in the pc market is booming. LOL! Anyways, if the ps3 supports this Im all for it. I mean, why get upset about this if it only add value to the title? Oh and I think that the game is gonna be PSmove compatible. Have fun playing Dead Space on your mouse and keyboard. Its not the 90's anymore btw.

Also, I think gaming on the pc is retarded unless you pirate your games. Then that makes sense. Just one question. Can i play MAG, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, SSDHD, Motorstorm 2, Gran Turismo 5 ect ect ect... on the pc? Then why would I care if pc has been doing it forever? When it all comes down its all about the games. Something you pc guys aren't really used to. Your too busy playing mods all day while I get a new AAA exclusive game for my ps3 almost every month. Ya, your argument is full of fail.

Oh and 90 percent of games on the pc suck. Ya, even the most beautiful ones, Im talking to you crysis. And to top it off, 95% of the games on the pc, even the emulated ones, I can play on my ps3 fat. Have fun playing Crysis for the rest of your life. Cant wait to rent it on my ps3 next year.

Edit @ Pandamobile

I might be acting like a child, but at least I dont come on here going off topic like a flaming fanboy.

Pandamobile3182d ago

Lol, Blaster, you act like such a child.

Baka-akaB3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )


You are wrong on quite a few levels imo... even n4g had articles about way cheaper and competent 3dtv .

They are making a big push for it with events like the Football world cup as early as this summer .
Just like they did with Hdtv in the past .

Glasses dont cost as much as you glasses , with the cheap dirt paper one to avoid of course , but also cheap plastic ones for even 40$ , and a sony model at 100$ this very june .

I'm not claiming 3d gaming will necessarily be great , but if someone want to be a buzzkill about something still very optional , till we can all drop glasses , at least he should use accurate infos on both prices and the tech involved


you are wrong on the frame rate
3d will be huge in the next few years its the next evolution of home tv they will push it hard to normal consumers (not us forum types lol)
as its a new way to make money

led10903181d ago

@blaster - You really live up to your name dont you trying to blast away at everyone with your narrow minded opinions. See gaming is just a matter of choice. You have your games and we have our games. You talk as if had those games been released on the pc we would have been really excited.'re wrong. Lemme see what all games we have lined up in the next 2 years :-

Metro 2033
just cause 2
witcher 2
bad company 2
team fortress 2(i list this cause there have been so many updates it gets better and more fun everytime)
crysis 2
diablo 3
civilization 5
portal 2
battlefield 3
starcraft 2
doom 4
half life ep3
CS 2(hopefully)
splinter cell conviction
dead rising 2
lost planet 2
dead space 2
natural selection 2
star wars the old republic
spec ops - the line
alpha protocol

I'm sure i haven't listed all of them. Add to that the possibility of a lot of indie games, a lot of mmos and twice that many FREE indie games, shooter games and mmos and you have a LOT of games. Plus i havent even listed games like project offset. And before you bash me yea most of these games will make it to the consoles too....but i just wanted to prove that PC gamers dont JUST PLAY mods as you want to believe. SO sorry but please refrain from shedding ur worthless knowledge about gaming on the PC and stick with ur awesome PS3.

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hoops3182d ago

"1.4 - Some one help me understand this...
Maybe I'm dumb... probably. But how is 3D on the PS3 going to work? Do you need a 3D capable TV? If so, feck! B/C I bought a new LED TV a few months ago, which is awesome, but can I not do 3D?"

As I said're rivered. That set you bounght that was cutting edge last week (LED) won't work with 3D...AT ALL. Moreover, Panasonic has said that you need HDMI 1.4 for FULL 3D 1080P while Sony says only HDMI 1.3 is needed. I guess we will find out when it hits...
Regardless, you're TV like 99.9% of the people on this site won't do 3D....
3D won;t be taking off anytime soon in homes.


why the trolling

if the tv can do 120 refresh rate and has a port for ir input you can buy a kit to turn it to 3d for about £100

alot of old (non brand new) tvs can do 3d but it was just not marketed like most dlp tvs or 120s with the input ports but obviously it will be better to buy one of the new ones, i personaly am going for a 22inch pc monitor as alot cheaper and if i find it reaaly impressive will go for tv if ALL games start to suppourt 3d

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