VGChartz: Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist Review

Arthur Kabrick of VGChartz writes:

"The Taxidermist is pretty decent. It's not painful to play or anything. Imagine Heavy Rain, without any sympathy for the characters, with easy and repetitive gameplay, and fifteen minutes long, and you have The Taxidermist. As a scene, it's actually quite good. As a $5 downloadable content pack...not so great. If you were a huge fan of Heavy Rain and you want some explanation of Madison Paige's erratic behaviour (though not a great one), then by all means, give this a shot. But I was a huge fan of the main game, and The Taxidermist did nothing for me."

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Rubang3186d ago

$5 and you're done in 15 minutes? That would be a bargain at the dentist's office, but I don't know about a movie-game.

BeardedGamerShow3186d ago

Thanks for the review, no I know to pass on this one.

SoapShoes3186d ago

The DLC was just fine. Short, but fine. I got it for free and it's exactly the same as the main Heavy Rain game, it's just a small segment to give some background on Madison.

Kantor3186d ago

I also got it for free. But most people would have to pay for it.