7.0 Metro 2033 Review "Metro 2033 comes across as a generic shooter with a few horror elements that help to keep things interesting. The lack of different enemies is disappointing and the story is surprisingly bland. The combat sections may as well be a copy of any other shooter out there, but putting on the gas mask and stepping out onto the streets of Moscow really does create a sense of being afraid. The setting and atmosphere is when the game truly shines and this is an experience that can only be found in Metro 2033."

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Selyah3003d ago

I can't help but think Fallout when I read about this, but it just doesn't seem as a appealing to me.

mephman3003d ago

Yea, it's unfortunate really.

Selyah3003d ago

Aye, the ammo thing seems weird though.

Sanrin3003d ago

It had so much hope too..

ThatCanadianGuy3003d ago

I was SO excited for this game! I bought it day one, sold it two days later for GOW3 money.


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Sanrin3003d ago

Russia isn't used nearly enough as a setting for an FPS.

JsonHenry3003d ago

I agree. As an American there is something so lonely and soulful that stirs inside me when I see those old soviet era concrete square buildings and old communist statues. I have no love for the commies mind you, but the imagery is just something that stirs emotions of despair and tyranny that makes for the perfect oppressive atmosphere.

A change in the wind3003d ago

I`d rather play a solid game with massive 256 player action, then another generic ass post-apocalyptic shooter.

Pandamobile3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

I didn't mind MAG, it's not the best game out there, but I'm just commenting on the rather hypocritical nature of you guys. If a PC/360 game gets a 7/10, it's somehow a flop, but when a PS3 exclusive gets the same, it's somehow still an awesome game in your eyes.

AliTheBrit193003d ago

What Pandamobile said, +1

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Empire X3003d ago

I'm playing the pc ver. and I'm enjoying it.

JsonHenry3003d ago

The game seems to get better peer reviews from players on the PC version for some reason.

Coramoor_3003d ago

because the pc game is insanely good looking, and aside from the really poor AI, everything else can be ignored easily enough

Pizza3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Yes I bought PC version on Steam and it's pretty good Russia-version fallout 3.
I gave 9/10.

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The story is too old to be commented.