Five Impressive New GT5 Replay Videos

Leaked Gran Turismo 5 demo yields footage of Super GT cars.

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Sunny_D3183d ago

The last video makes me want to go to sleep. Not because of the video, but the music. COME ON! Who picks the music? I want to hear the engines or a faster paced song.

xTruthx3183d ago

lol i don't believe that music is from the game

bnaked3183d ago

Wow, the grafics are absolutely stunning..

ProjectVulcan3183d ago

Surely surely surely i cant be more than six months or so away from getting my grubby hands on this. In the meantime my PS3 died today so i will have to ring up sony to get it fixed. Not even my house being on fire around me would stop me playing this

tmt3453183d ago

photo mode??? whats the difference between photo mode and gameplay, is it huge?

poindat3183d ago

It certainly is touched up a bit, but there is really no major difference. What you see in photo mode is what you basically get in game, minus some added special effects to touch up the photos/replay and make them prettier (not that they need to be hahaha).

beardpapa3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

You get vignettes and possibly added motion blur. The stuff you get from photo editing in Aperture and Lightroom, of course ... applied to a video game replay in motion.

Anyway I just played PGR4 again over the weekend to get away from FF13 and I realized something I feel missing in the GT5 vids. Realistic driving experience. In PGR4 the camera in the driver's perspective would bump, sway, and tilt in response to the imperfections of the road or the over/understeer of the vehicle while in motion.

Realizing this, that's something I feel PD is missing on in GT. The game looks great, but no track in the world has perfect bumpless roads. You don't sit in your car while going over 100kmh and feel absolutely no bumps or shakiness in your drive. At least I haven't. I think if they added that sense of visual feedback it would add more depth to the experience.

It's something I hope PD can add. The shake is there but it's not enough. It's too subtle. Even in a super car it visually feels like the suspension of a luxury vehicle. It's not taxing to the developers surely it's something they can easily tackle. It's just something I liked in Bizarre's games and they've had this kinda visual feedback dating even back to Metropolis Street Racer on the dreamcast.

Hotel_Moscow3183d ago

if you think these compressed internet pictures are good wait till you see the game on youre tv in hd

i think i just wet my self

bnaked3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

WTF? There is a huge difference in photomode!

InGame: ~2 mega pixels (1080p)

Photo mode: up to 20 mega pixels!

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waljaber3183d ago

i cant wait for this game, after FF13 and GOW3 now is good time for GT5
^_^ this is getting better every month.

Reneonardo3183d ago

without a doubt worth the wait!

omimasum3183d ago

it has everything you want in a racing game

sigfredod3183d ago

Omg PD are amazing on this console generation the driver went from a little more than a shadow to a full detailed driver with all the proper movements and animations, but are the little touches what amaze me more for example: PD create an amazing detailed helmet model, and they could easily use it for all the cars but instead when you see the replay for the citroen WRC car they use the real helmet model for WRC cars, epic, and what about the movements from the flowers on the lexus replay? the way it respon to the hit of wind blow from the cars when pass by, simply awesome

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