How to strike back at videogame pirates

Piracy is shameful and one of the most controversial issues in videogames. However, Japanese developer Overflow has found a way to expose pirates of its recent Cross Days interactive PC novel and punish them with specially programmed malware within the software. The result is your account information and email purposely published on the internet for everyone to see. The only way to resolve the situation is to apologize privately to the company for your piracy attempt.

Head inside to learn more about one of the most clever ways to battle piracy we've ever heard of.

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HighDefinition3184d ago

Track em down, bust their knee caps and break their sh!t.

Redrum0593184d ago

stop making systems that utilize dvds and stop making games on dvds, simple as that.

Stephen55433184d ago

Because that stopped people from pirating on the DS and PSP...oh wait. It didnt.

Motion3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Do companies like gamefly pay out royalties to the developers? If not, I don't really see the difference in pirating a game and deleting it after a few days, or renting it off gamefly and returning it after a few days. The only difference is gamefly gets a few bucks. Still a lost sale to the developer or publisher. Same thing kinda goes with buying used games, but I'm not going to get into it. If anyone knows how that system works, let me know.

Darkfiber3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

There isn't really a difference between renting and pirating in the grand scheme of things. People just like to pay a few bucks to feel better about themselves, even though the money is often going to a heartless intermediary corporation. Just like there's really no difference in pirating, and buying a used game for $55 from GameStop. Developers don't see a cent of that money and it's all going to a stupid middleman where all they had to do was rip off some poor shmuck by giving him $10 then turning around and selling it for $55 and making a $45 profit. If anything that's more illegal in my eyes, at least pirates share games for free instead of charging $55 per download.

People just like to use piracy as a scapegoat for poor sales, but I guarantee you that more people buy used games than download them illegally, especially on consoles. GameStop is causing way more harm to new game sales than pirating ever has, but developers are just too chicken to tell GameStop off for fear of them refusing to carry the developer's next game, or refusing to give them a big fat check for some pre-order bonus bullsh*t. All a big conspiracy if you ask me.

FragMnTagM3184d ago

I really cannot see how pirates are so bad, especially when compared to rental companies. If I love a games so much that I want more people to play it, or I want my game to work again because I bought a game and got screwed with DRM, I am a pirate. Yet, if I make a company and rent out games, which is basically the same thing as "pirating," I am a legitimate business? Where is the logic in that?

Sh!t don't make sense, but hey neither does anything else in this messed up world.

IdleLeeSiuLung3184d ago

I don't know how these things work here in the U.S., but when I lived in Norway and worked at a video rental store I found out that the movies that were rented out cost anywhere from 4-6 times as much as it did in store. This of course meant license holders were compensated for the rental up front!

In response to piracy is not so different from rental. Well the first is ILLEGAL and the latter is legal!!!

Pirates are nothing, but leeches in the system while rental companies at a minimum have to buy these games at the higher new release price.

Need I say more?

Raypture3184d ago


I agree, however people can't all pay for every single game they play, some can, but usually thats rich kids that shortly after getting cut off from mommy and daddy has to move back in.

I rent some games, I can't afford to buy them all, it would be better if the developers got a cut out of it though.

Also, I'm surprised N4G picked this up, this story is like a week old. The Japanese are obsessive about buying things, they don't have much to worry about with piracy but thats not to say it doesn't happen.

Also in the little terms of use things no one reads for the installer it told them it would happen, but nobody uses them.

Why is it that americans that aren't familiar with anything japanese always mis-interpret visual novels, they often contain sex/hentai scenes but not always, they're like a book and you make decisions in them, and those decisions affect the story (and the porn scenes you get if applicable)

Lastly, the people that pirated it were stupid for not having a firewall, it would be suspicious when crossdays.exe is trying to connect to the internet, what do you want to do? Japan has NO firewalls.

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LKane3184d ago

wow there was the same news about it several days ago

FantasyStar3184d ago

Wow, that was a retarded way to deal with Piracy. Even more retarded than Ubisoft's retardo-DRM.....

Wanna deal with piracy? Make games that don't suck. Make games that assure gamers that their dollars are being wisely spent. Reassure gamers that your game will have legs. How hard is it to get that across to these brain-dead developers? If your stuff's "the sh!t" -the sales will reflect that. With or without piracy.

BannedForNineYears3184d ago

Hate the uploader not the downloader.

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