Wii's de Blob

The title that came to be known as de Blob first gained attention in 2006 when it was named Internet Game of the Year by Edge Magazine, and earned more respect when it became a finalist in the 2007 Slamdance Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition. Back then, of course, it was called The Blob and it was developed not by an experienced software company, but rather by nine students studying Game Design & Development at Utrecht University's School of the Arts in the Netherlands. When the game made the rounds on the Internet, THQ took notice, swooped in, nabbed the full rights, and handed the concept over to studio Blue Tongue, which has been pounding away on a Wii-ized re-imaging ever since.

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timmyp534034d ago

play this game on the pc?

ITR4033d ago

This game looks pretty good.

After watching the vids on IGN...I'm very interested.