Obsidian developers speak on lack of female lead and sexual orientation in Alpha Protocol

SideQuesting - Alpha Protocol developers Obsidian speak explain why there is a lack of a female lead and homosexual relations in their upcoming game.

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Abriael3181d ago

I find it extremely silly that some people DEMAND developers to go out of their way to make their protagonists as generic as possible. Male, Female, Black, White, Straight, Gay...

The more options you include, the more generic and shallow the character will be, and guess what, some developers like their characters to have a bit of depth.

Blaze9293181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

That's why more games are going the customization route. I don't see a problem in just allowing the main character of some games to be totally customizable from sex to even sexual orientation to make it the PLAYER's character.

Violation did it hella well with Saints Row 2 - getting pre-recorded voices for every line for Male/Female, Gay/Straight, Black/White/Asian/Hispanic etc.

erathaol3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Blaze929 is correct. The Deeper the Character Customization the less generic a character becomes. In fact thats when they start to become unique and match the players personality. In Role Playing games people look forward to making their character in the unique world they are about to visit. Its a melding between the player and the game. It would be ridiculous to even insinuate genericness.

Do you know what is generic? Bald Space Marines!

Abriael3181d ago

You seem to be a little confused on the meaning of the word "generic". a character that can fit every role and every appearence is the very defitition of "generic".

Luckily there are still some developer that refuse to give in to the demands of the "OMG if my character is not like me i can't relate!" goons and continue taking the responsibility of actually designing their characters instead of letting them be generic and dull a-la commander shepard.

Tony P3180d ago

It's not depth in the traditional sense in regards to narrative, but it is certainly not a failure resulting in a "stale" character. Or evading responsibility or anything negative like that. Its a different methodology for creating an RPG that's been around since RPGs were invented.

Commander Shepard and those like him are more like avatars instead of characters. It's just a tabula rasa on which to imprint your own personality as best you can. The whole point of it is to place the player at the centre of the experience instead of making him just watch like in a film or novel.

Is Shepard "stale"? Only if you are. He/she is supposed to be a reflection of the player. Not an attempt by the devs to write a character.

Bigpappy3180d ago

WoW! You need to stay far away from WRPG's and keep playing with those under age children with the big eye defects, which you obviously find more interesting.

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Cold 20003181d ago

"homosexual relations in their upcoming game"

No thanks, really.

GiantEnemyCrab3181d ago

Then hey Ladies or Homo's go and get a degree in game design and start a company that creates nothing but Ladies and Homosexual games. Problem solved.

I find it stupid to try and push developers who aren't interested into doing it. I can't think of a single game that would of benefited from adding Homosexual themes.

tdrules3181d ago

I think you missed the point.
A lot of strange people buy games such as Mass Effect 2 to gain virtual relationships to replace the lack of real life ones.
Therefore what's the problem with giving homosexual people the option to have their own virtual relationships.


GiantEnemyCrab3181d ago

Good point and I guess it is a bit narrow minded on my part. I've just never needed games to express sexuality for me to enjoy them. I could care less if Commander Shepard is a man or women or if he is having sex with aliens, men or women.

Player customization as mentioned above is a great way to leave it up to the player but the actual situations themselves are a bit more complicated since they have to be pre-conceived.

What happens when transgender folks start complaining they can't add breasts to their male Shepard character?? I can see it getting ridiculous.

Baka-akaB3181d ago

Isnt this basically a "bourne/bond themed" game ?

Of course they'd follow conventions of the spy movie genre , that's what they aim to represent as a rpg .

go complain to holywood about the lack of any credible female spy lead in your movies .... or lesbian/gay spy leads .

George Sears3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I see they are people who enjoy games because of the gameplay, some for the story and other because of the graphics but I personally have never encountered anyone who has demanded for the main character to be a certain type of individual.

As for me, I don't buy games because the main characters gender, ethnicity or ethical/moral backgrounds. I buy them mainly because of some of the elements I mentioned before. The norm of gaming charactersistics. Demanding such a thing like a female main character or a gay character just to have it is pretty shallow.

morganfell3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Development in games is a process of asset allocation. Where to spend time on what features. As you said, to most people it just doesn't matter.

Putting the choice into a title for gay relationships means something else doesn't get built. The developers have to ask themselves is this going to be a side quest or a main part of the story? If it is an alternative then most people, not all, but most will not take the time to go down the gay route.

So then the developer has cut something from development to put a quest into the game that most will not go after. What is the other choice? Make it mandatory? Now you are going to lose most of your audience that won't want that forced on them. Contrary to what some in the gay community think there is a vastly larger audience that doesn't care to be forced to experience a gay relationship. There are those that will respond "that is how gay people feel" and that is true but the hard and larger truth is it comes down to numbers.

If asset allocation is an issue, and it usually is, and depending upon the story structure and game design then developers are left to choose serving the larger audience or none at all.

George Sears3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Yeah, pretty much in simple terms developers just have to think what gamers in general would prefer rather than to simply support a significant minority from there own individual taste.

People need to remember that these devs work under hierarchies of there respective companies but even though regardless of that, they'll have to use there own judgment and common sense to decide what would the majority of gamers would prefer and expect from there IP's.

Bigpappy3180d ago

But I thing I just hit the agree button for "morganfell". Must be a blue moon. I just can't see it because it is cloudy in the sky.

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