What theBBPS learned about Splinter Cell: Conviction this weekend

This past weekend, theBBPS was treated to a trifecta of Tom Clancy goodness that has given them some real hands-on excitement. That trifecta? They played the Xbox Live demo, checked out the co-op at a press event, and met Michael Ironside.

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Marcus Fenix3180d ago

this is a step backward imo.

Bigpappy3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

The first play through had me disappointed. Then I sat for a moment and thought about why they would do this. I made up the excuse: Sam was to angry to care about some one finding the bodies. In fact, he kind of leave them as a message (I am here, an you are next!). Then I picked up the controller, and started my second play trough. I never touched the guns of the fallen and only used my pistol and hands. One by one I took them down and felt every bit like the Sam fisher I knew before. I then went to amazon and pre-ordered for $51 including 2 day shipping.
The pistol keeps it more personal and suite the narrative more than a machine gun. You can feel their fear when they discover their buddy body on the floor with a clean head shot and they know that he (Sam) ain't done ... yet.