PAX East sees brief SOCOM4 talk

Although SONY isn't appearing at PAX East this weekend, SOCOM4 and the Move controller were still being talked about with IGN's Greg Miller.

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myothercar3183d ago

Bind turning to the headtracking, then you don't have to do that crap where you point your gun offscreen to turn. For example, the further you turn your head, the faster your character's body turns.

TOO PAWNED3182d ago

"SONY representatives asked Miller what he thought of SOCOM4 and the Move controller, and Miller noted that he will be sticking with the DualShock3 controller, as the Move controller doesn't feel right with a SOCOM game. The SONY reps mouth dropped in shock and Miller left the booth." - Ok so what is shocking or "bad" about his answer? I think he just gave answer on how 80% of hardcore gamers feel. MOVE is cool and all, but for other type of games, I WON'T play Socom with that thing, that's for sure. But something unique like that flashlight game and other "Move" games, sign me in.

bobcostus3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

@myothercar How the hell would that work? Think about it. How would you turn a full circle? Spin around IRL?

You would only be able to turn on a 180 degree angle without turning around...It's not like a mouse where when you get to the end of your mouse pad you can pick the mouse up and move it over...

I don't understand why people keep saying this. It just wouldn't work for 3D shooters.

arakouftaian3182d ago

That socom 4 suxs with the move?
Ofcourse socom 4 will be better with the dualshock 3
but the move is there for the ones who want to tray the game
and non hardcore gamers will be able to play a hardcore game
like socom and move will make things more easy for them.

Haters move on.