The Male Gamer stereotype

Facing the rampant trend of articles on the "gamer girlz" and their likes, dislikes, problems, fashion sense, bathroom etiquette and much more, Classy Gamer gives an in-depth look to the abuse of the opposite stereotype that such articles tend to endorse, the The overweight, sweaty/unwashed/unshaved, basement-dwelling, forever-single, sexually-deprieved Male Gamer.

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Crazyhorse3180d ago

I hear that most gamers on xbox look like gabe newel

zerocool33973180d ago

Making fanboy comments in relation to consoles are stupid, after all, we play games not worship what we play them on.

Gamers are stereotyped but in reality we are mainly normal people and it wouldn't make a difference what our hobbies are, we would more than likely be the same as we are now. I think that the media puts poor light on hygiene and weight and associates the larger end of the spectrum with being lazy gamers. I have been known to play games for 14hrs a day, I'm as skinny as they come.

Saeveth3180d ago

I have to say, I've met some very unique gamers. And some very stereo-typical ones. I suppose the stereotypes are due to the majority, or what was the majority before gaming started to become more mainstream.

DiffusionE3180d ago

The author must be reading my mind. That is exactly what I though the last time I read a colorful rant from a disgruntled female gamer.

The sad thing about the online gaming scene is that, equality does not always entail 'better treatment' from other gamers.

Raypture3180d ago

"Personally I find extremely funny how some writers apparently strive for gender-equality in gaming, and then complain when such an equality is actually applied. Mind you, I personally hate trash talking and goading during an online gameplay, but regardless of the gender of both the victim and the perpetrator."

Oh lord this, I get so sick of it when womens rights people (and black rights people) contradict themselves about their male opressors. One minute they're talking about their male opressors the next making jokes about men which is just as bad remember the golden rule kids? And it goes for black people who call eachother n*ggers but if a white person does its racist, yes if a white person does its probably meant to be offensive, but despite that with the origin of that word why do they want to keep it going?

Perosnally I think racism and sexism would be non-existant if it wasn't for people keeping it going constantly as stated above, but whats worse is it's usually the ones who oppose it like the plague that keep it going, sorry womens rights movement, sceintific facts show men and women think differently, and when we tell a joke learn to take it.

Overall I think the male gamer basement dwelling stereotype isn't very common, usually mostly associated with people who play MMO's online since they usually take a large amount of dedication.