Moore on 360

E3 may still be days away, but Microsoft is already hitting headlines with some important announcements. First came the news that the Xbox 360 warranty is to be extended following complaints from consumers. It was swiftly followed by the revelation that the company has just failed to meet its shipment target of 12 million units.

Immediately following the announcements, Xbox boss Peter Moore spoke exclusively to about what's causing the 360's problems, why Microsoft is prepared to pay the cost and why he believes shipments will rise.

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iceice1233848d ago

About the 360's problems but at least they take care of them. And they care enough to extend the warranty multiple times.

coolmatrix3848d ago

Pay full price and get a REFURB for FREE - WHAT!!!!

BUT WAIT - only repairs for RING OF DEATH...Anything else ENJOY THE LEMON.

Most 360 owners love the USE CAR salesman.

Most 360 owners have LEMONS for autos - yep US auto lemons.

Most 360 owners are accustomed of going back and back to the repair shop but hey its a good car.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3848d ago

I'm sorry do you not have any friends? Do you go to your other PS3 account on N4G just to come in here and vote for yourself, just to make yourself feel better?

deadman1213848d ago

Word Up on the street is at E3, Microsoft are going to announce something big...

(Buy a 360 and get a free pack of red elixir healing towel free!)

razer3848d ago

(this is the part where you say what?)


ichimaru3848d ago

at least they owned up and are fixing the problem for FREE. why complain when your not taking a one billion dollar hit. sheesh, and sony is supposed to be the press's whipping boy, microsoft must bes ony fanboy'

deadman1213848d ago

Whats the point when most people who get it fixed end up with a broken one again... (-_-) stupid microsoft

Chexd3848d ago

...they are making hardware tweaks too....and it wont cost you to get it fixed so yeah, get it fixed again no biggy, but the point is you wont need to. If you did MS would lose far more than $1 billion

Bill Gates3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

That's simple,"Things break ya know"...HAHAHA

[EDIT] to all who say...."at least they care enough to extend the warranty multiple times"

That's ONLY because they are taking the necessary measures for what in my opinion is a class action lawsuit coming their way boys and girls.

Man not a day goes by when I play my PS3 that I'm glad I didn't "Jump in"......hahahahaha

Odion3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Now William, can i call you William, The playstation 2 also suffed from a similar situation where the laser wouldn't read discs, this of course made a lot of PS2 (rumors to be in the millions, but don't take that as fact) stop working. Now it took a class action lawsuit to wake Sony up and do right of by their customers.

However thank you for expressing your opinion, your continued participation in this site only allows the community to grow

Morbius4203848d ago

We asked you to 'jump off' the tallest building.

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The story is too old to be commented.