Top Ten: Worst Instances of Videogame Music

VGChartz - "Here at VGChartz, we have had many top ten lists over the past year or so, and one of the more entertaining ones happened to be the one about the best videogame soundtracks. I decided to delve into the nether-regions of evil to do the flip side of that good music coin, the Omega to its Alpha. I'm sure we have all heard some bad videogame songs in our time, but what I hope to show you guys are the ten worst ones that I could come up with in no particular order. Feel free to discuss your own hated videogame music in the comments section so that we will all feel ear-violated."

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DrRobotnik3183d ago

...My ears bleed a little every time I here this trash.

ZombieNinjaPanda3182d ago



Myself and many other people actually enjoyed that rap.

imec3182d ago

I disagree with the inclusion of Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong and Cruis'n USA.

Braineater24483183d ago

DK Rap and Ashleys Song are epic. The others I could do without

BeardedGamerShow3183d ago

The DK rap. May it burn in h-e-double-hockey-sticks.

Duke_Silver3183d ago

Sonic music after sonic and knuckles is terrible

AngryFork3182d ago

No way, some of the songs with lyrics aren't great, but the composition of Sonic games have been on point. Some of the one's with lyrics are catchy as hell, not those techno ones though which I thought were annoying.

You could say what you want about the gameplay of recent years but Sonic always has amazing music. Unleashed has some of the best gaming music this-gen imo. I really respect their composers and it's sad that they make such great music for sub-par games.

RufustheSage3182d ago

Sonic Unleashed and Sonic "06" had some great music! Almost instant classics. The Adventure series was fantastic, so many different great remixes of those songs too.

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