Buy BioShock 2 for $50 Get BioShock 1 For Free

onPause Writes: "Amazon is having a deal going on right now were you can buy Bioshock 2 for only $50 and get Bioshock 1 at no extra cost, oh, and the shipping is free as well. This deal is on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360."

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RonyDean3038d ago

Probably going to have to pick this up! Would love these two in my collection!

Speed-Racer3038d ago

Oh sounds good... I know a few guys who wanted to get this game. Will let them know as soon as.

LexHazard793038d ago

this is an awesome deal if you don't already own this great franchise!!

antt33038d ago

Dang! That's a pretty awesome deal. It makes me wish I didn't already own Bioshock 1.

Speed-Racer3037d ago

Yea and Bioshock 2 had an epic story line as well, so I would always recommend it.

JoeDuenwald3038d ago

Fantastic idea. They make it big with the monies!

RonyDean3038d ago

I know right? More games really need to start doing this!

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