Hardcore Vs. Casual Gamers

Ironstar writes:" Storm is back again with a very interesting topic for us here on the Ironstar Community. Hardcore gamers vs Casual gamers. Have you ever thought what exactly is meant by these categories that gamers are placed into today, and why we are categorized in the first place? Storm is here to put her views out there and you do not want to miss it!"

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math3187d ago

Your logic is based on your interpretation of the words hardcore and casual. You look at the term casual as derogatory and hardcore as elite-ist.

AnttiApina3187d ago

The problem is, that different gamers see the term "gaming" with different eyes.

One could say that gaming was better in the old days, while the other wouldn't even stand to play old games.

2Negativecool3187d ago


I almost stopped the video at the fifth "Honestly" before she even said anything. Ok, ok we get it, your editorial is genuine, frickin get on with it already.
Then she said that she doesn't get into categorizing hardcore vs. casual because "it's like a stereotype or 'whatever...'"
Yea, the "or whatever" part obviously demonstrates she has put a lot of thought into this. Clearly she will never get into marketing because she associates differentiating target demographics with discrimination/stereotyping. I hope she gets her $hit together before she sues some marketing company.

Dee_913187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

I thought Hardcore Gamers were like then asians that sit in a room full of computers playing games 20 hrs a day

Id consider myself a casual Gamer .. i go days or even weeks without playing .. hell i played gow III only 3 times even tho its epic

@ Kamikaze135 you should get out more if you cant tell thats a girl lol

Mo0eY3187d ago

Halo, Gears, Natal - it's all for the little teenie casual bots who love Justin Beiber and Twilight.

Playstation 3 - a man's console (note the lack of overabundance whining, mid-puberty voices when you talk to people through your headset)

Lich1203187d ago

Take it to the open zone you troll!!! Oh wait... well played sir. Well played.

Also, the PS3 is far from a "mans" console. I've played online, it is plagued with the same idiots that xbox live has. Maybe less, but theyre still there.

Wrathman3187d ago

how many ps3 titles do you see at them games championships?

i like how your logic concludes that if you have a mic and you choose to use it,your a kid.

the xbox doesnt a have a voice altering tool built in,that lets you disguise your voice.thats the tool that lets you 40yr old perverts sound like a 12 yr old.nor a pedos dreamland in the shape of psHOME!


creeps me out.

Mo0eY3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

World of Warcraft is on the MLG list.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl is on the MLG list.
Halo is on the MLG list.

Need I say more? Counter-Strike 1.6 / Source are the only true skillful games. Hell, I was one of the best Melee players in my state going to tournaments and all that jazz, but it only took me a couple of months to learn what I knew. I picked up Halo and owned every 'expert' person in that game that played against me, and I never touched it before that. LOL.

Oh, yeah, Tekken 6 is on the MLG list. Last I heard that was a multiplat, dumb fvck.

God damn, bots are stupid.

Wrathman3187d ago

wow talk about major self provided a multiplat game as your defense.whoop de whooo!!!

where are all the 1st party IP's???

the ps3 only does casual games for casual gamers.thats why both the ps3 and wii are so successful in japan.thats why heavy rain and GOW3 are successful there too.they had hentai style nudity in many times did you do the little sex scene in GOW3??



lh_swe3187d ago

GoW III - Harcore (can't get more so).
Heavy Rain - I'd say only for the mature gamers as it is more about characters than shooting people for no reason.
MAG - niché title but more about strategy than running and gunning so I don't see how it's not for the hardcore.
Uncharted 1&2 - Do I really have to continue?
Resistance 1&2
Ratchet & Clank ToD, ACIT
Heavenly Sword
Yakuza 3&4
Demon Souls (ok something did beat GoW III)
Valkyria Chronicles etc.

Now you go.

RagTagBnd4453187d ago

I would not say GOW3 is that hardcore. Neither is MGS or Uncharted. Heavy Rain is in a grey zone. MAG and Demon Souls are definitely hardcore, and i think we can safely presume GT5 will be kind of hardcore to. I have not played the rest of your list.

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Mo0eY3187d ago

Hardcore and casual are subjective. What I define as hardcore may not be what anyone else defines as hardcore. I really do not see what the big deal is - games are games, and the more people that play them, the more we get in the end.

fcpthebest3187d ago

It´s obviously a girl.

I can´t define myself in one of those categories. How can you?

Qui-Gon Jim3187d ago

I define myself into the category of "boy."

Sorry, couldn't resist that one. ;)

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