New Nvidia graphics cards -- too hot and noisy?

GTX 480 cards are 'hot' in more ways than one, claim testers.

"Nvidia on Friday introduced its fastest graphics cards to date, which will be able to play back 3D movies on PCs and bring more realistic images to games.

But the speed benefits are accompanied by high levels of heat generated by the card, which can make systems very noisy. This is the word from Kelt Reeves, president of enthusiast PC maker Falcon Northwest

"Nvidia has hit a power and thermal threshold that we've been warning them they were heading towards for years," Reeves said.

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Celeras3185d ago

Plenty hot, few dBs noisier then their competitors.. but also 10-15% faster depending on the bench you look at. Pretty simple choice for me, I'd take the performance.

And free heating for my apartment in the winter :)

z1ck3185d ago

10-15% faster for a card that will ( after ati decrease prices ) cost 100 to 150 dollars more ? also because of the heat overclock will be very limited compared to 5000 series ... ok

Celeras3185d ago

The 470 is the best price/performance card on the market now, as seen here:


And the 480 is simply the fastest single GPU on the market period. Both have their markets.

crck3185d ago

That's pricing the 5850 at $325 which is at the high end since you can get one on newegg right now for $280 and a few more at $300.

Baka-akaB3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )


Then again performance for what exactly ?

Games properly using it that arent there yet , and wich less demanding cards being available precisely when those games finally arrives .

Or 30 more fps for games already running above 60fps ?

Every time it's the same damn trap with expensive cards that are lucky if there is even one single game actually using and needing them , at launch .
Not worth it imo ... but to each their own .

Celeras3185d ago

I guess you would prefer the DX9/10 numbers then?


Same result, by a larger margin. I just thought the DX11 performance was more relevant.

Dude4203185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

In terms of price, The 5850 is still the way to go if you're on a budget. So far, ATI has been making great cards lately, and apparently cool ones on top of that.

mortalrage3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Go get one... (giggles)

I mean come on this is excellent heater for the winter, that awesome way to look at the new card.

Wait a minute we are going into spring :(

O you can put one of these on it too, that way its forced heat xD

kwyjibo3184d ago

Only for every 3 dbs, you double the loudness.

That's one f*ckload of loudness.

That and the increase in price, and the increase in power consumption are too costly for it to justify a 15% performance increase.

Kakkoii3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )


The increase in power is about the same as another lightbulb in your home, that's not on 24/7. That's nothing to really care about at all.

evrfighter3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

sure in some games (the games no longer relevant) its faster, but what about the games that matter like BC2?
I mean at 1680x1050 one 5870 is almost as fast as GTX480 in SLI...

It gets demolished by the 5870 so bad they had to find a spot in the game where the gtx480 had a higher minimum rate.

kwyjibo3184d ago

It's about as hot as a lightbulb too, but the lightbulb doesn't make a hateful sound when switched on.


Lightbulb 1 - Fermi 0

Kakkoii3183d ago


It's around the same temperature as the 285 and around the same chip size. Sure in furmark it does get higher than the 285, but you're never going to get a game that pushes the card that hard.

As far as noise goes, well just have to see what different card manufacturers come out with. There are quieter fan designs for sure.

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fcpthebest3185d ago

My gfx runs at 85 degrees and it is perfectly fine(thats what happens when you play heavu games on a laptop) xD

steve30x3185d ago

I would rather go for the cooler ATI , Quieter ATI (The videos on HARDOCP show that the new Nvidias will make you deaf) and cooler ATI over performance. Also I would rather save on electricity which is why I will go with an ATI GPU.

XRider3185d ago

I used to buy nothing but Nvidia. About 5yrs ago I wnet with ATI and fell in love.

XRider3185d ago

Opps "use to" my grammer is bad I know, was always a math and science wiz.

steve30x3184d ago

I went with a 4870 512mb when it came out and I only kept it for three weeks before buying this GTX280. I am now waiting for the 2GB 5870 and I will buy two of them (I know the extra ram will rarely be used but it will be handy for when that extra ram will ever be needed) As far as I know the 1GB 4870 has better framerates than the 512mb version because of the lower framebuffer.

XRider3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Without efficient cooling you'll have RROD on the PC

jjesso19933185d ago

I startig to think the gtx 470 and gtx480 are not worth money i really looking to get one but pc all ready to noisy iam sure by the time anyone needs one there will quiter and more powerfull card i think people should go for an ati 5800 series if there desperate

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