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Nintendo Now writes:

"With news of the new Nintendo 3DS still floating around, there is actually another iteration of the handheld that is soon to release; the Nintendo DSi XL. Just as the name suggests, it is a much larger version of the already released Nintendo DSi. So the big question on mostly everyone's mind at the moment is if you should consider purchasing this version. Well read on for my review of the Nintendo DSi XL and see for yourself if it's worthy of your money."

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Blaze9293188d ago

But with the 3DS now coming I might as well wait.

tokoshix3188d ago

Yea, I know what you mean. I was pretty stoked in getting a DSi XL since I skipped the DSi. Now you got the 3DS on the horizon and I'm wondering if I should just wait a little longer.

phalanx_mark3187d ago

if you can get can wait a year do but this is the definitive ds, i cant recommend it enough playing the same games on the bigger screen makes a noticable difference on games which require the stylus plus the screen is more sensitive and the sound is better.

Fatal Blow3188d ago

I got my self the dsi xl and its great but now i hear they are coming out with 3ds damn them o well am gonna sell that one when 3ds comes out and get that one for sure

IchigoBleach3188d ago

Fear not! For when this 3DS actually comes out, being a year out or realistically more, your buying of the XL will not be in vein!

OhMyGandhi3187d ago

slow down nintendo....take a deep breath...that's exhale.
okay, NOW you can release the 3DS.