The worst videogame TV shows of the decade

We live in an Internet-driven world. A world in which there's really only one good reason for television to bother discussing videogames, and that's to paint every possible broadcast moment with footage of Olivia Munn's face.

Yet shows about consoles and computing continue to be churned out the digestive tract of production companies, and they're now being made for the extremes of the gamer spectrum. From the hardcore guild leader to the casual guy who just wants press releases read out loud to him because he can't be bothered typing letters into a search engine.

So let's take a look at the gaming programs that modern television has tried to inflict upon us over the past ten years.

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LordMarius3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

The best video games show used to be :(
but pretty much agree that AoTS and the rest suck

Blaze9293158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

ahh yes, G4's golden days...back when it used to be a network dedicated to videogames with VIDEOGAME SHOWS


rofl at Geoff Keighley - that guy has really come far now. Good for him. I think the other two ladies work for Microsoft now on Xbox LIVE - been seeing Tina on the short clips a lot lately.

morganfell3158d ago

You mean back when Leo and Patrick were running things on Tech TV.

G4 are like the King Midas of crap.

Lich1203158d ago

Am I one of the few that doesn't dislike Kevin Pereria? I know people call him a douche, and I hate douche bags as much as the next guy and am certainly not a douche myself (at least not in the widely accepted terms of what qualifies a douche) but here are my counter arguments against it. Similarly to what the article stated, he actually has a good amount of knowledge about all things tech and video games related. Also, he doesn't just hound after olivia like one might expect. She may be pretty, but she's also retarded, and its nice to see him have fun at her expense. If he were a douche he'd likely just be trying to get in her pants 24-7. I might be one of the few, but that whole show doesn't really bother me, its actually kidna funny sometimes.

Also, I do miss the days of Leo and Patrick. I don't think the problem is AotS. Rather its the 4 hours of cops programming they air throughout the day.

iceman063158d ago

I agree with you. The problem with G4 is that they have moved away from the programming that made them popular with the gaming crowd. They really only have 2 shows that would come close to catering to gamers...and the rest is just filler. I thought that this would be the place to see live gaming tournaments, videogame news casts (could be like N4g...but just with actual hosts), talk shows with devs, even reality shows like The Tester (which is like a train wreck that I can't stop watching)...but desire for mass audience takes over and we get re-runs of cops and grown men breaking things with their bodies.
I don't have a problem with Kevin and Olivia (I think they work well together). I just can't watch them on a daily basis. It's kinda like eating rich foods. You can only stomach so much before you start getting ill!*LOL*

Information Minister3158d ago

Yeah, G4 used to be great and it saddens me to see how much they have fallen. Icons used to be one of my favorite videogame related shows... until the moment it stopped talking about videogames, that is.

All G4 has now is Olivia "MacHammer" Munn. *sigh*

HolyOrangeCows3158d ago

Anyone else find Olivia Munn REALLY annoying?

simplyRealistic183158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

1. AOTS is not a video-game show, it's a tech show,

2. Xplay is the video game show

3. you don't have to watch it if you don't like it

4. whats up with all these Bit**ing articles lately, i this,hate on final fantasy , i recently seen a article say that uncharted is not the best game ever, seriously who give a flying F**k.

and then there's that stupid article saying "10 reason why you should date a female gamer",N4g just approval anything lately, it's ok for fanboys to Bi*** and whine but really ludicrous when so called "journalist" BI*** and Whine

Marceles3158d ago

There used to be a show on G4 called Cinematech that was cool, no annoying hosts or anything, just videos and trailers of cool games.

Reibooi3158d ago

Funny how they mention Attack of the Show which isn't even a gaming show but leave out the horrible X-Play. X-Play is one of the most inconsistent review shows EVER. They will do a review and have NOTHING nice to say about the game and end up giving it a 5/5 and then they will do a review with nothing but praise and give it a 4/5.

I liked the show Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico hosted(I think it was called Judgment Day here). They normally gave a good amount of time to the review(something X-Play doesn't they jam a review in a 2 minute or so segment regardless of if the game fits the time frame or not) And because it was 2 very different people reviewing the game you had 2 different points of reference and when both of them agreed the game was incredible you could be sure the game was something special.

hagla3158d ago

Is obviously the best video game show ever...

Bnet3433158d ago

Old G4 was the best. I frikkin' loved Arena. I remember they played the original COD on PC as well as other games like mechwarrior. Man watching that was the best. The G4 now is a network for tools, by tools. G4 sucks donkey schlong. I mean look at this picture, Kevin looks like a god damn douche with that fohawk. Christ.

JasonXE3157d ago

Someone give Oliva a hamburger.

eL_Equis3157d ago

The article didn't actually say that AOTS sucked. It called it harmless and fun. What part of that did you read into meaning "suck".

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ultramoot3158d ago

What is with all the licking? First, it's the PSP, then the 360 controller. Now this. What's next? Sucking on a joystick?

On topic - A couple of those on the list aren't all that bad. Just not good either.

The Killer3158d ago Show
GiantEnemyCrab3158d ago

"What is with all the licking? First, it's the PSP, then the 360 controller. Now this. What's next?"

I think it's the Prince of Persia, Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal. I'm sure he is getting a Joystick licked whenever possible!! LOL

Harry1903158d ago

Reviews on the Run (Daily) a lot.... They even have a 'cameo' segment now where a game dev talks about a game they liked a lot and reviews it.

Dsnyder3158d ago

But only when he cartoonized and put in the yellow-orange dimension.

KidMakeshift3157d ago

I second that.

Everything else on The Escapist is half-rate. Yahtzee is pretty dull outside of Zero Punctuation.

tyrok3k3158d ago

Attack of the Show is not a videogame show. They have maybe 15 minutes or less of game coverage a week (4 hour long shows). Calling AotS a bad videogame show is like calling The Tonight Show a bad news program.

theunknown3158d ago

...seriously, who keeps headlining Week of Hate as news? Because, apparently somebody still doesn't get the joke.

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