The PS3 sells 20,000 systems in Portugal

Today's edition of the portuguese newspaper "Diário de Notícias" includes an article where the console wars are discussed, and sales numbers are given.

Babelfish translation - now working (I hope).

Here are the main points:

- Sony has sold 20,000 PS3's in Portugal since launch (2007-03-23). That's 20x PS1 and 4x PS2 for the same period. Lifetime sales for the PS2 are 750,000.
- According to Sony, PS2+PS3 accounts for a 92% quota of the portuguese home console market.
- Sony wants to sell a total of 75,000 PS3's until the end of 2007.
- Nintendo has sold 17,000 Wii's (10,000 in 2006, 7,000 in 2007). For comparison, lifetime sales for the Gamecube are 60,000-70,000.
- DS lifetime sales are 90,000.
- They speculate about a DVD-enabled Wii scheduled for September, picking up on Sonic Solutions' 2006 announcement.
- Microsoft won't release national sales numbers.

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SuperSaiyan44003d ago

Seriously how is this news? I would only care if Sony managed to sell 1million consoles in one area thats news! 20,000? Oh please bread sells more than that oooh so lets talk figures on BREAD!

Anyways 360 is still leading the pack with more games, more exclusives and a better online service a console that has games who would have thought that!

ngoniko4003d ago

wow fanboys is really getting defensive when ps3 is doing good... that's just sad

Marona4003d ago

It's Super from the UK PS Board... o0; creepy.

MADGameR4003d ago

The 360 can STILL be in the same footsteps as X Box.

leon764000d ago

but the people in Portugal have brains in their heads an know that the ps3 is the best and will have more an the best exclusives in a close future

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Loudninja4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

And thus adding nothing but fanboy BS.Dont like the fact the PS3 is selling good in places, than leave

ALI G4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

PS2+PS3 sales are 92% of the portuguese home console market despite the size of the market. leaving xbox, xbox360 ,GC and nintando WII with only 8%.

edite:3 dissagree ???why ?what?? did........oh

jromao4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

It's true, we only have 10 milions heads here and this is a PlayStation country as many others in europe, more than 800.000 Sony consoles sold in Portugal in all this years (almost 9% owns a PS), and in the other "corner" 360 boxes can be found in shop's shelfs in small corners getting dirty and dust.

I own 2 x PS3, 3 x PS2 and 2 x PSP, sorry but no xboxes in my place, no way with that 33% failure rate, oooops I was forgeting, never ever got problems with the PS2 or PS3 or PSPs, smooth.

Not only the food and wine is great here, also good taste for gaming consoles :)

THE_JUDGE4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Bubbles for you sir.

How the hell did i get a disagree? I liked what he said!

cuco334003d ago

i know because last i visited the motherland there was more talk about the 'upcoming' ps3 then there were 360s for sale

we all know europe in general is playstation land. sadly if they dropped their brand loyalty and tried soemthing from the other camps they might enjoy themselves just as much, if not more

with that said... FORCA O PORTO CARALHOS!! :)

REbirth4003d ago

parece k temus aki um monte de portugueses...

ya aki ninguem ker saber do caixa tnh ps2 e ps...e vou comprar ps3 kand esta baixar o preço...


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The story is too old to be commented.