Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 65

Blade206, DCI, and WorseCase come together once again to bring you guys another amazing podcast. In this week's episode we talk about the following:

- Splinter Cell Conviction Demo Impressions

- Sony Move Impressions

- Where's Natal?

- Microsoft Game Room Talk

- Nintendo 3DS

- Kingdom Hearts 3

- God Of War 3 Talk

- What's your favorite console library?

- Call Of Duty Map pack and Battlefield Bad Company 2 Talk

- Where is the innovation for the 360??

- As always we have a Step Ya Game Up and much much more..

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rbluetank3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

i love mag more then bbf2 and mw2. communication/job assisignment shines so much better in mag... i have seen med run across the map torwards you with bullet/explosion raining down on them to save you. bbf2 you do not see this type of effort. to each his/her own in bbf2/mw2/mag... you said something that raised my eyebrow. M$#oft "Where is the innovation for the 360?? " i have not seen anything innovative from them outside of DLC/compromise former Sony exclusive games. i have not seen any good games from " project not at all". i have seen some good innovative games from Sony and the "move" games to come in 2010.. great show thxs for the lol....