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Xbox Evolved writes:

"Samurai Shodown Sen hits the states in just a few days. Prepare to slice a few heads on the 30th with this hands-on preview from the final build of the game."

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Blaze9293183d ago

It's fun though - at least that's what counts.

ProA0073183d ago

doubt it'll be much fun getting frustrated at the 360's dpad

AridSpider3183d ago

Yeah but after the beautiful art style that is Street Fighter IV, anything less is just...meh. Of course, that's just my opinion

dangert123183d ago

with the 360 dpad and beat em ups?
i love virtua fighter and don't have any problems :S

Krimmson3180d ago

Seeing that you called fighting games Beat 'em Ups, I'm going to assume that you're possibly from the UK.
Now I obviously could be wrong about where you live, but if you are from the UK then there's a chance you might have the updated European 360 controller, which is almost identical. to the US 360 controller. Almost.

The one difference is that the d-pad for Europe has been updated to respond a lot better in terms of diagonals and better input.

Now of coarse there's the highly likely chance that you don't have one and just feel comfortable with the 360 controller and resulting in me looking like a jackass.

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Blaze9293183d ago

Online is a ghost town currently though

JasonXE3183d ago

Well it isn't out yet. So all you got to go against are people oversees.

ProA0073183d ago

wish this was coming out on PS3 - can't wait fighting games with that awful dpad the 360 controller uses.

JasonXE3183d ago

that street fighter stick by Madcatz isn't bad at all. I'd suggest getting one of those if you game on the 360

AridSpider3183d ago

I heard those break easy

boodybandit3183d ago

I have a Madcatz TE stick for both consoles and never had a problem with them. Even if I run into one all the parts are replaceable.
You can get replacement parts from http://www.lizardlickamusem...

ps360owner093183d ago

It is the main reason why I haven't bought any fighting games for the 360 I always buy the ps3 version. The dualshock 3 just works better for fighters. Hopefully microsoft will fix the dpad whenever they release their next console.

GodGinrai3183d ago

As a fighting game nut since the 90s ill be getting this . id like to see garou:mark of the wolves on xbla psn. the samurai showdown game ever.period. and fot those of you yappin on about the p*ss poor d pad on the 360...

put your money wjere your mouth is ...i get sick of hearing people complaining about there d pads on line when i kick there whiney *sses!
the ps3 pad aint no better.I have an akuma sf4 pad and a hori HRAP witch ive had customized with some m.bison art work. Ive also changed the buttons and stick to superior equivalent parts.Its really east to do...

even the art work part is easy to do you just need to do some basic diy

this goes for those of you that own ps3s aswell, rember my hrap is for my ps3 though i will be getting one for my 360 as i can swap out parts to make it make it respond better than my TE

oh for parts:


stick with sanwa and seimitsu parts as the parts are generally just plug and play.

im gonna make another one for my 360 as my hrap actually feels more precise than my thinking of using transformers as the gonna share this with you guys ....tell me what you think. decepticon theme with black a purple ball on the stick ,grey buttons with purple ringlets around them on the top row of buttons . purple buttons with black ringlets around them for the bottom row. the art work woul have a white background with a decepticon logo and megatron posing..bad*ss! i better to get to work on it..

sorry for the long post folks. fighting games always get me talking.i just love the competetive nature of them coupled with depth and the steep learning curves. They punish the undiciplined and reward those who persivere with awsome reflexes and speed of thought.throw a punch at me on virtua fighter and ill have a counter or parry waiting for you, not a passive block!

I hope my post was useful for any of you guys thats interested in modding joysticks or just want use something better than the 360 pad . i dont think i would have beaten megaman 9 with out my TE. the 360 pads awful as ya`ll know.

jetlian3183d ago

been dude!!! fatal fury mark of the wolves has been on live since last summer with kof 98 um!!!! kof 2002 um is coming this year

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