N4G June Contest Winners

Here are the winners of our June Contest.

Contributor of the Month

#1: Diselage $500
#2: drtysouf21 $200
#3: TnS $100

Hottest News Post

drtysouf21 $500

Playstation 3 June 11th Secret to be 1 of 3 Newly Revealed SOE Games?

Best Newcomer

SafeRat $250

Most active Forum Members

1. CompGeek $100
2. Odion $100
3. Dukester101 $100
4. Diselage $100
5. ace_of_spades $100

Active Forum Members ( Random prize draw )

hectickris $250

Best Comments (Most voted on)


Forza 2 : N4G Member Rides

You will be able to vote for the winning car later today.

Congratulations to everybody who won! A new contest for July will be announced shortly.

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Shadow Flare3941d ago

i thought i was gonna win the prize for 'handsomest ragamuffin'

well done all

Robotz Rule3941d ago

Keep up the good work! ;)

Diselage3941d ago

Thanks, sadly I won't be on much this month as my score already shows, probably towards the end of the month I'll pick back up.

Systematrix3941d ago

Congrats to all the winners!! How are we going to vote for the Forza car submissions?

Odion3941d ago

WOOT that 100 feels so good!

FordGTGuy3941d ago

Casino and buy hookers and beer you know what forget the casino and beer.

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The story is too old to be commented.