Pachter: "I Feel Bad For Sony On The PSP," "Apple Ate Their Lunch"

Sony. A company that has seen its share of success and failures. The hardware giant invented the Walkman; and that's way before Apple ever thought of the iPod. It provided music on the go before any other firm and in those times, it was known as one of the most innovative companies. Sony also had the first online music store dubbed "Sony Connect".

So what happened? Why did the giant allow Apple, according to Pachter to eat "their lunch"?

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Gradient2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

60 Million+ owners say no.

It's definitely time for a PsP2 though, I want a 3D gaming device that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg + has some actual games I want to play.

Homicide2891d ago

Too bad software sales for PSP are abysmal, and that many PSP owners are just hacking it.

-Alpha2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

The iPhone is a... Phone. The PSP is primarily a gaming machine.

IMO it's like comparing the Wii to the Xbox or PS3 and saying that you feel bad for them. In truth, sales matter to these developers but I can care less for it. Hardcore gamers will pick up the PSP or DS because the portables primarily for games. It's not like people buy iPods primarily to play video games.

The PSP's weakness lies in the GO and piracy. Yeah they are losing to DS but the device is doing fine on its own.

EvilBlackCat2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

well all apple have to do is to find a way to put a d-pad+4 buttons on the i-pod and that's it.

deadreckoning6662891d ago

"60 Million+ owners say no."

Yea and many of those have been sold back or used for hacking lol.

Chubear2891d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I'd feel bad for me too if I only sold over 60million of my $199 product :( lol

The Great Melon2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )


I don't understand why people compare the PSP to the iphone/itouch either. If a person bought the iphone/itouch primarily for gaming I would think they are nuts. There are some fun little games from what I hear, but nothing compares to things like The World Ends with You, God of War: CoO, Jeanne D'Arc, Legend of Zelda PH, and many other high production valued games on the DS or PSP. Those are fairly non-existent on the iphone/itouch.

sikbeta2891d ago

@Homicide if you care about, right?


Is time for Sony to Release a new PSP and make sure it's unhackeable, thanks to piracy the PŜP library was going down, also the PSP has 5 years on the market and that's enough, bring the PSP2...

KiraxYamato2891d ago

and how many iPhone were jailbreak?

MAiKU2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

iphone is not competition for the psp. Sorry to say but people regard it as competition because of the game download service.

It's DS and PSP that are at eachother, the iphone's best games are probably the FF1 and 2 and some other retro games. Everything else is like hobby developed stuff and indie developer overload.

and the hacking scene is getting more and more pathetic with the PSP. If you guys ever paid attention to the scene it's just save game exploits here and there for like months. and useless utilities such as one that lets you reassign buttons.

ATLGAMER2891d ago

not is not even a competitor

NeoBasch2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Am I the only one who still thinks Sony could get a year or two more out of the PSP? I mean, I like what they've done so far, I just feel it needs that extra push: a new campaign similar to that of the PS3's. I for one would like to see a couple more first party titles.

When I look at my PS3 library compared to my PSP's, I can't help but feel a bit sad. Sure, we have Syphon Filter, Jeanne D'Arc, Resistance: Retribution, and God of War: Chains of Olympus, but what else? This year alone we've seen at least three major exclusive releases from Sony: MAG, Heavy Rain, and God of War III. Back in late 2009 we got Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank, Demon Souls, and God knows what else. When are we going to be seeing more support for the PSP? I still think they can pull it off. It's not too late. Hell, they made the EyeToy relevant again.

Maybe my expectations are too high. I don't know, but I was kind of hoping they'd give the PSP as much attention as they did the PSOne and 2.

Tony-A2891d ago

"Too bad software sales for PSP are abysmal"

Liberty City Stories - 6,440,000
Vice City Stories - 3,660,000
Daxter - 2,400,000
Monster Hunter Franchise - 1,430,000 / 2,420,000 / 4,450,000
Metal Gear Solid - 1,070,000
Final Fantasy - 1,690,000 / 2,450,000

Many more have sold over 1,000,000. I wouldn't say the sales are fantastic, but they aren't abysmal, either.

AAACE52891d ago

The psp could have truely dominated if sony had have just made two control sticks. Hell, they could have just ported ps2 games over and made a killing. They had another chance with the psp go but still didn't do it!

I just think the psp could have been a lot more than it is right now! Most people who have them are modded. Which isn't a good thing for any system!

Hotel_Moscow2891d ago

no they would not have a chance with the pspgo if they added to analog sticks then they would be ignoring the whole psp 1k to 3k crowd and just be making games for the go

silvacrest2891d ago

same thing can be said for the 360 but do M$/sony care? yes and no....

they have sold a console/handheld, no matter if its sold again, second hand, they still have their sales but we all no software is where the money is made, the 360 is not hurting in that regard but neither is the psp, DWeezy91 post shows this

Homicide2890d ago

Daxter - bundle
MH - only in Japan, the only game that sells
Metal Gear Solid - there are a bunch of them on PSP
FF - same with MGS.

The only games that sold well are GTA. That's it.

bjornbear2890d ago

i doubt there are that many hacked PSP's, my friend had one, but i doubt its anything above 20% (which is A LOT)

consider a lot of PSP's are owned by kids (both nephews have one for example) and people just don't get the whole hacking business

i think patcher is talking more about the Go, since it was going after the whole iphone-games market thing with mini's, etc

and yeah, they messed up =/

hopefully they learnt =)

Tony-A2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

The PSP's top 35 titles out now have each sold over 1,000,000.

They aren't all GTA...

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Genesis52891d ago

Why feel bad? It has been leading the hardware charts in Japan for the last while and has sold more than 60 million world wide. How is this a failure?

v1c1ous2891d ago

you're not doing great if you're only doing ok in a few markets (like the 360 am i right?!)

btw, when was the last time you saw a psp title in top 10 software sales outside of japan? top 20? top 50?

any non-ff, non-monster hunter, non-god of war, non-gran turismo?

Marceles2891d ago

meh...Sony fanboys only say the US isn't the only market that matters

Hotel_Moscow2891d ago

because the best games come from japan

and are then ported to america

Sheikh Yerbouti2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

and I think

The PSP is Sony's red-headed stepchild. Sony has prioritized the PSP far below the PS3 due to the consoles rocky start.

Quality games are few and far between. For the first year of the PSP the only remarkable game for months was Wipeout, which most bought for the browser exploit before the PSP had its own browser. Little has changed.

Controls are not friendly to shooters. Shooters are possible on the PSP, but it took a while before games began to get it right. Still it is not as it should be...a second analog is needed.

The advertising was poor for the handheld. The dust bunnies and forest animals were weird and cryptic. "A PSP is like grass you can watch?" Now the PS3 has KB, maybe he'll show the stepchild some love.

Add in the embarassment of piracy and hackers, and I feel bad for Sony too.

But not necessarily because of Apple.

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ReBurn2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I love my iPod Touch for music (and movies, too). But my PSP blows it away when it comes to games. There's nothing like the tactile experience of pressing buttons and manipulating the joypad. None of Apple's mobile products can touch that, to use the pun.

witchking2890d ago

I actually believe the opposite. Since I picked up an iTouch I simply haven't played my PSP at all. In fact, my son has been borrowing it when his own broke.

I suspect that what you'll see in PSP2 is some sort of touch-screen, slightly bigger than an iTouch but smaller than an iPad, and it's possible that the dual sticks will be on-screen similar to the iTouch. It actually does work quite well.

mrdxpr22891d ago

i have a ipod and a psp go i use the ipod for music while i play with the pspgo but if i could play games and listen to music on the psp at the same time not just leave the game and listen to music trust me i wouldnt be using the ipod.. i say psp was one of the best handhelds i have ever owned and i have had my share of handhelds. sega game gear, gameboy original, color, advance sp, DS and DSi.. and i still preffer psp over all those...

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