Is Wal-Mart becoming the new Gamestop?

Over the years, Gamestop has made a very bad name for itself; in spite of its success. Gamers all across the United States feel cheated and slighted by Gamestop, and in many cases have all the right to feel so. Even after so long, no other company has become as notorious as Gamestop, but will that all change?

Wal-Mart is the largest chain of massive, discount department stores across all of North America, and have always had a section to sell video games. So far, very little has gone on that has given Wal-Mart's video game section a bad reputation, but some may find what a few stores have done recently to be, quite frankly, unbelievable.

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sumo3113181d ago

I would be pretty darn mad if that had been me buying the game. What Jerks! Not even putting a warning on the box!

ConnorSmith3181d ago

I know, no dcency whatsoever. What's it to them to tell people anyways, they're a massive company, won't hurt em

Darkstorn3181d ago

Both GameStop and Walmart sicken me. I get my games exclusively from local Mom and Pop video game stores (and when the have a really good sale).

MACHone3181d ago

It's stupid to stereotype all GameStops just because of a few bad eggs. I work at a GameStop now after working at a (now closed) Game Crazy for over three years and I have to say that 99.9% of all our customers leave very happy. The fact that "everyone hates GameStop" is a myth.

qface643181d ago

no walmart is not the new game stop that is silly gamestop is still gamestop

i got my heart gold for 32 bucks at walmart NEW!!

Darkstorn3181d ago

There are two logical fallacies in your comment:

1. I never said "everyone hates Gamestop." I said that I hate GameStop.
2. It is not a fact that everyone hates GameStop, I know quite a few people who only feel marginal to it.

Proxy3181d ago

Call up your credit card provider, truthfully explain the details to them. They may indicate that you can legally file a charge back and have the money credited back to your account, despite what Walmart has to say about the issue.

Take your game back:
"Sorry, we don't accept returns on opened games."
"I already got my money back through a Visa charge-back, but here's your game back."

I believe Walmart might fight it and thus reverse it, but you could also fight. It all might not be worth the trouble considering the bargain bin purchase price.

Nikuma3181d ago

Wal-mart is just ignorant. It does suck for this guy that lost 25 bucks, but man this article makes it out to be some huge deal. Oh noes walmart is ignorant to the fact that this game not longer works and are still selling it! Evil corporation omg boycott them!

Really now?

nnotdead3181d ago

agree with Nikuma. Walmart just didnt know any better. plus they tend to have a good return policy, so it should be easy to get your money back.

anti-fanboy3181d ago

I see how Walmart would not have taken it off the shelves after so many years. I don't know if anybody has been there recently but they don't exactly have employees that know all that much about video games or anything at all. It would be one thing if it was Best Buy or Gamestop selling something like this but Walmart a store that is around 100,000sqft. Many things are bound to not get pulled of the shelf. But usually if you give a hard enough time trying to return something they will even take a half eaten candy bar back I mean it is Walmart.

Its not hard to have 99% satisfaction when everyone who comes in is 8 years old and don't know any better. I stopped shopping there when I was about that age and every time I bought a used game and went across the street to see the new price at Best Buy for the same price.

ThanatosDMC3180d ago

I like Walmart. I buy my groceries there since it's mostly cheaper than other stores.

jjohan353180d ago

This article suggests that Wal-mart is responsible to track every game that has been released, including those that are over 3 years old and in the clearance bin? Get real man. Wal-mart isn't responsible for what the developer does or doesn't do. If anything you should have done the research yourself. That's what happens when you buy a game over 3 years old.

JsonHenry3180d ago

The only things I hate about gamestop are the geeks that work there (some are cool, but most are social outcasts for a reason) and the fact they are made to harass you about this deal and that deal when I don't really give a sh!t.

bruddahmanmatt3180d ago

Absolutely. No store is responsible for keeping track of the status of EVERY DEVELOPER'S online servers. It's the author's fault for not doing his homework on an MMO beforehand. I find it absurd that he attempts to blame his stupidity on Wal-Mart. The funny thing about this article is that if Wal-Mart had accidentally say discounted Uncharted 2 to the same price as Uncharted 1, we wouldn't be hearing a damn thing about them "becoming the next Gamestop". The author would have taken advantage of Wal-Mart being unaware and not said a damn thing.

As far as Gamestop being evil, yes they jack up the prices of their used games and try to nickel and dime you into buying everything but the kitchen sink, but it's YOUR FAULT for not doing your homework beforehand and it's YOUR FAULT for electing to trade in your games. The only legit gripe I have with Gamestop and why I refuse to buy games from them is the fact that they remove new titles from the sleeve for "security purposes". I simply don't like the fact that my supposedly "new game" has already been opened. After some of the stories my friend has told me about his experiences working buy from me. Shrink wrap FTW. They can keep their lame pre-order bonuses.

Dave13513180d ago

haha you people kill me, is walmart supposed to test the game before selling? theres no return on games because people copy them and return them. its not like the product was defective

SCThor3180d ago

Is there a way for Walmart employees to know what MMO games are still playable on line? I mean...I don't think they have the resources to have people checking the internet 24/7 researching that.

Now, if...IF NCsoft sent them a memo letting Walmart know their game wasn't playable no more, THEN is Walmart fault, otherwise it isn't.

SaiyanFury3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

The fact of the matter is, Walmart doesn't deal in used games like Gamestop does. They sell new games, not used ones. And the technical definition of used is an open package that is no longer factory sealed. How is Walmart supposed to keep up with every little thing that goes on in the games industry? They're so widespread in product range that it'd be nearly impossible to them to stay on top of everything. If the author liked the game so much, why didn't he stay on top of the updates regarding it? I'm not trying to defend Walmart as such, but I've never had any problems in dealing with them. The closest Walmart to me and my wife is 25 minutes away, and the only place that sells stuff 24 hours. We're both night owls that prefer to shop closer to midnight instead of during the day when there's a tonne of people present. Reasonable prices, and decent policies (as far as we've ever encountered). I'm sorry the guy was out 25 bucks but it's not Walmart's job to follow the games industry and it's goings-on.

Gamestop on the other hand does really suck. Especially their tendency to sell display copies as new. Whenever they tell me they're out of stock except for the display copy (remember how I said the definition of 'new' was a factory sealed copy?), I'm already on my way to the door before they can turn around to tell me. I just say no thanks and goodbye. It's especially sad, cause if I buy a new game, open it, and try to sell it back to them, they'd call it used, the same as I do. Kinda hypocritical.

Tricksy3180d ago


Of course my preferred place to purchase is Best Buy. But I think walmart is the lesser of those two evils.

gamestop and EB should only sell Valve and M$ games that way all the douchebagery can be kept in one place for me to avoid.

evilmonkey5013180d ago

Although wall-mart should stop selling the title , the consumer should still educate themselves before making ANY software purchase.The publisher should also recall any existing stock when a game can no longer be played.This is a double foul.

mega BIG time3180d ago

"This is what will happen..." This article is pure speculation. Fail.

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tdrules3181d ago

Gaming retail will be dead in 5 years who cares...

sumo3113181d ago

Right on, I couldnt agree more!

ConnorSmith3181d ago

I dont know about deadd necessarily.... But certainly less significant!

cyborg69713181d ago

5 years my a$$ try like 15 at least. I'd love to see it in 5 but how in the world would that work. It takes forever to dl 500 mg let alone 25 gb. 2 more console gens then we'll talk.

dirthurts3181d ago

I don't buy it. It's as simple as that. I'm sure that there are a lot of people out there like myself.

qface643181d ago

im one of em im a physical media owner now and i always will be

Idle h4nds3181d ago

I don't see that happening any time soon at least until the average home network reaches 500-750 mb/s.

SCThor3180d ago

I don't care waiting 1 or 2 days after launch day.

Tricksy3180d ago

physical media will be around for a long time.

way too many older generations too used to buying hardcopies. not to mention they will all live longer then previous generations. even if young people can be trained by corporations and the media to not want to have a hardcopy version of their product, that just isnt enough of a demographic for Digital download to compete enough to own the market for a long long time.

Sony is lucky; bluray is going to be around for a long time. longer then dvd probably as the BD can be increased in capacity so much.

evilmonkey5013180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

educate thyself and these things wont happen.avoid the impulse.

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KillerPwned3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

If you compare Walmart`s prices on games to Gamestop`s. Gamestop, most of the time has the better price even new and not used. Gamestop is not perfect but there is once in awhile they got that one game you been really looking for or a good deal on something that has nothing to do with trades. It also all depends on the kind of people that work there the gamestop i go to the guys there are great and not push overs like i hear about all the time. Walmart eh id only go there if it was like a console that just released i`am looking for.

P.S. To me Amazon is a god at buying games from love that place!

never_waste_a_bullet3181d ago

both gamestop and walmart are bad places, unless you want some elderly person who knows nothing about games, thats why i dont shop at either anymore

my mom went in to get l4d2 for pc and they told her l4d2 wasnt for pc at all, i almost didnt get l4d2 for xmas

itsralf3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

The writer is the same kid who posted an article the other day about how he bought a used game at GameStop and had to pay an extra fee to play online because of the DRM, or something like that...

Look up a game before you buy it, and you'll be fine. Nobody goes into a store to spend $60 on something they know nothing about, anyway.

You can't really expect Walmart, GameStop, Target, Kmart and every other retailer to modify the box art on every game.

Dac2u3181d ago

I love how some people always blame the consumer. If you buy an item from somewhere you have a right as a consumer to open a working product unless you're specifically told you're buying that item "as is," which isn't the case here. If you buy that game you're receiving a game that describes itself as completely functional. Granted, it's probably not Wal-Mart's fault for offering a broken game, most likely the fault is on the game's publisher, we don't know for sure though. Still, the consumer should have the right to buy a working product or be reimbursed.

You seriously believe nobody buys an item for $60 without doing any research?! Have you ever been inside of a store before?

mikepmcc3181d ago

No, he's totally right in this case. The author wrote almost the exact same article a few days ago, whining about how the buyer got "screwed out of their money". Ever heard the phrase caveat emptor? Buyer Beware, should we now require every store to put a notice on xbox games that says "xbox live incompatible"? When will it end...sheesh.

itsralf3181d ago

GameStop didn't warn me that Modern Warfare 2 wouldn't work online for the first couple weeks... Is that GameStop's fault that MW2 didn't work online? No. It's not the retailers fault that a product doesn't work. So quit blaming the retailer.

And like Mike (+bubble) pointed out, should every retailer put a sticker over all of the original xbox games that say that they no longer play online? That would take mass amounts of resources, time and cooperation.

It's the consumer's duty to research a product before they buy it. If you blindly purchase something, it's your problem when you get screwed over.

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