Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Female Gamer

Yukino of lists ten very valid reasons why every gamer should try and date a female gamer.

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Abriael3184d ago

Fun read, but do we really need a reason? let alone ten? :P

presto7173184d ago

How is a girl gamer different from any other girl?
How is a girl gamer different from any other gamer?

Abriael3184d ago

"How is a girl gamer different from any other girl?"

I'd say identity of Interests is always a great asset in a couple. Of course there can be plenty interests in common with girls that care nothing about gaming, but one more is a plus, I'd say.

"How is a girl gamer different from any other gamer?"

That i'd date (and dated) one, while I wouldn't date a gamer without the "girl" bit? :D

Method3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

I feel I need to impart some wisdom on the younger among us "nerds" and "gamers" and "geeks"

yes, attractive geek girls do exist, and I know that dating one sounds like the bee's knees, and your going to feel damn lucky if you can get your hands on one.

But be warned, that luck is just the problem with even moderately attractive "geek" girls (Read: Not entirely hideous or over 200 lbs) is that you might as well try and date a supermodel. They know full well how rare and amazing they are, and they know that if you lose them you will have better luck finding a damn unicorn

Sassy hot girls are the way they are because they are used to guys letting her walk all over them her entire life, Imagine what that effect can have on a girl who is no where near as "genetically attractive" in a culture where the male:female ratio is not 1:1 like normal society, but 10:1.

They will cheat on you, fool around on you, and treat you like ***** because they know how "lucky" you are to have them and that their are literally 100 more guys banging on her door.

I gave up on trying to find a "geek" girl about half way though college and I am much much happier because of it.

And yes I know that their are exceptions to every rule and I'm sure that there are plenty of guys on n4g that are going to say they are dating great geek girls and I'm a jilted crazy loon, but just think about it.

How would you treat women if you didn't have to be attractive and you had a literal fleet of them knocking down your door to be with you and you had very little competition among them.

gamingangel3184d ago

Method: Sorry to hear that, that was your experience, but I know many of the women I know are not like that. The whole idea is to dispel this myth of us being unicorns and special. It's so sad that you had this experience, but it's definitely not how many women I know are.

Tony P3184d ago

Guys, don't listen to this jilted, crazy loon.

I kid.

presto7173184d ago

I would never let any woman walk all over me. I don't care if her skin is gold and her t*ts are like the moon. Regarding your last question, that which is easily obtainable cannot be regarded in high value. If you have a fleet of girls banging on your door, then where is the fun in that? I would probably ignore them. A girl will come along that you'll like but she won't give a f**k about "gamer guys". That you'd have to work for.

Prototype3184d ago

Gamer girls are a myth! :O

It's like snipe hunting in boy scouts

PopEmUp3184d ago

that only for nerd, and if I'm playing she should be in the kitchen xd

Consoldtobots3184d ago

wow I come to read dumb dating stories from kids and find the Method has nailed the dating dilemma RIGHT in the head. The problem with pretty women is the men that fall all over themselves to be with them. There's millions of losers with no self respect that let themselves be used and abused by a woman because of her looks. This in turn damages the womans sense of self worth by giving her the impression that all men are her doormats to do with as she pleases. This is of course far from the truth and when she mets a REAL man who knows he doesn't have to kiss anyone's behind because he IS WORTH JUST AS MUCH AS THE PRETTY WOMAN, she doesn't know to deal or react to this and thus makes that "gas face" and moves on to the next loser who will feed her ego the way she needs it fed. If men would have a little more self respect and not think with the small head they would have ALOT easier time with women.

Lich1203184d ago

Id say it's not about finding a girl who is a gamer. Since I hardly find that a character defining personality trait, but rather finding a girl who is okay with your hobbies. My girlfriend doesn't play many games on her own but she certainly doesn't give me a hard time about it.

There is a nice middle ground between girls hating you playing video games, and girls who play them compulsively. I think there's this issue where guys think a girl has to be a gamer not to scoff at the notion of them.

xAlmostPro3184d ago

valid points.. but find me a hot gamer girl that can atleast get chopper gunners in mw2 and i'll be happy with her let alone all the other stuff..

the only thing is, where can one find himself one of these? when theyre like 1 in a million hahah

jjohan353183d ago

'How is a girl gamer different from any other girl?'

The girl gamer is less likely to b!tch when you play video games instead of listening to her talk about every detail of her day.

'How is a girl gamer different from any other gamer?'

Because I'm straight and prefer to date a female gamer than a male gamer.

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GR8 13184d ago

Well they can come in handy specially when your sitting beside her for a quick shag.......then it's back to the game.

ThatCanadianGuy3184d ago

A quick shag? You would be lucky to even get a handshake from a woman with those hairy palms of yours..

Das_Bastardion3184d ago

The virgin talking about what he will never get

HypermysticsonicHMSX3184d ago

Gr81 will get his mum's hairy mangina

lh_swe3184d ago

I'd like to see you try to talk to a girl like that, that'd be a funny sight.

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Myst3184d ago

More of these!?

I do like that shirt though it's quite funny :p.

Abriael3184d ago

Ahah, well, GamingAngels is a gamer girls community, at least there this kind of article has a place :D

Myst3184d ago

Lol I figured from the name they might be, but still it seems now there is one every week or so :p.

I will admit though this one made me think of a few games:
"10. Date Nights Made Simple. "
Would be nice if their were more games that had split-screen in which you could also do online play. Or rather it would just be better if all games had split-screen I should say -.-'

Abriael3184d ago

lol, back when I dated a pretty hardcore gamer, I simply used to haul my own 360 and a 22 inches monitor to her place, so she could play on her own, but still side by side. Good times for sure :D

Myst3184d ago

lol that sounds like to much, unless it was a lan party or something :p though it sounds like it would be an interesting experience.

Abriael3184d ago

Well, the only alternative would have been sitting there and watching her play :P

Myst3184d ago

Lol I don't see a problem with that :p.

Abriael3184d ago

well, she used not to be very "interactive" while gaming :D The only way to get some interactivity was to get into the game myself :D

Myst3184d ago

Could have had her sit on your lap or something :p, though I guess I see your point lol.

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Eamon3184d ago

when articles like this are being written it makes us react like this

gamingangel3184d ago

I like this article and think it's a response to an article many months ago that was a very satirical look at reasons to not date a female gamer. That article got so much discussion, that I think it's better to show the positive sides of choosing your date. ^_^

Just as a side note, GamingAngels has been around for over five years and we strive to not only write and converse with female gamers, but also to get more women into tech and the gaming industry. We volunteer at teen events to talk tech and are a sponsor of We're about changing the game industry's feelings on female gamers.

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