Xboxliveaddicts Exclusive Preview: Party of Sin

It has to be said, PoS looks incredibly quirky. Not only was my immediate feeling one of intrigue but I immediately sensed a detailed and somewhat retro feel behind this new development. And this probably has something to do with the team working on it.

Heading up the team at Crankshaft Games is Dan Menard as Project Lead. This name may be familiar to those of you that played Half-Life 2… this is because Dan was the project lead behind the critically acclaimed Eternal Silence mod for the same title. Dan has brought with him 2 of the mods artists; Daniel Williams and Tobias Frank. Other names worth mentioning are artist Liz Hollerman, gameplay programmer Vincent Hippoman and marketing man Alexander Galasso. Most recently is the addition of Blake Allen, the PoS sound designer. If you ask me, these guys seem to have a fantastic team behind them.

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