VGC: Resonance of Fate Review

I had really high hopes for Resonance of Fate and for the most part it delivered. The battle system is near perfect, the voice-overs are impressively well done, and you can get quite the mileage out of this game if you want to. Sadly, Tri-Ace puts large sections into the game during which they break their own battle system and it becomes much less fun, the story is rather convoluted and never really came together through my first playthrough, and the graphics can be rather drab and ugly at points. JRPG fans should definitely give this game a try the second you are done with Final Fantasy XIII or Yakuza 3. Sure it was silly of all three developers to release JRPGs in such a short time frame, but if you want to show support for the genre I suggest you go pick up as many as you can and show you love great JRPGs.

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Braineater24483159d ago

I love this game. I think it rivals FF13 in fun factor.

MisterPickles23159d ago

Meh, RPGs aren't really my bag, but this looks like a solid pickup for fans. :)

bmw693159d ago

Great score - much higher than I was expecting...

BeardedGamerShow3158d ago

Great review. Alright, I'm in.