Is Call of Duty Without Infinity Ward No Great Loss?

GameZone's Stevie Smith writes,

"First and foremost, in terms of allaying fears regarding the prospect of swiftly crumbling standards, Call of Duty would certainly be in safe hands without Infinity Ward. Activision's increasingly dubious image aside, long-serving understudy Treyarch has carved itself a respectable reputation in the marketplace after helming three Call of Duty titles since 2005, while franchise newbie Sledgehammer isn't without considerable promise.

Treyarch, in representing something of a dependable Obsidian to Infinity Ward's BioWare, has enjoyed its fair share of critical and consumer success after 2008's Call of Duty: World at War, which utilized an older version of Infinity Ward's proprietary IW game engine and found its way into more than 11 million homes around the world. And, although Sledgehammer's worth is as of yet unproven, the studio is powered by former Visceral Games heavyweights Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, two of the creative forces behind acclaimed sci-fi shockfest Dead Space."

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mrv3213186d ago

While WAW is a good game mostly because it copies COD 4 so much but with a different theme.

badz1493186d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

isn't that actually GOOD for the franchise?

Blaze9293185d ago

I don't know why people give Treyarch so much crap. World at War was not a bad game at all and Nazi Zombies is still amazing. I don't think the franchise will take that big of a hit without Infinity Ward. They already set the foundation. Infinity Ward was beginning to become a bit big headed anyway - no excuse for all them damn problems MW2 STILL faces.

kneon3185d ago

I know I'm in the minority but I prefer WaW over MW 1 or 2. If Treyarch don't dumb down their next game the way IW did then it could be great.

Caspel3185d ago

WAW was garbage compared to MW 1 and 2

NaiNaiNai3185d ago

WAW IMO was the best COD to date...

Not to mention they actually had a public beta which was very nice. unlike another developer I know....Cough *IW* Cough

t8503185d ago

COD as a franchise has been milked and needs a rest. People will get bored of it if a COD title is out every year. Knowing Activision they are going to do just that. Just like all their other games where they milk the crap out of the Franchise.

I havent seen any true progress in this Franchise since MW1. The later two just seem to be Map packs.

Caspel3185d ago

I prefer Call of Duty 2 over WAW for my WW2 shooter

kimvidard3184d ago

WAW was far from garbage, it might not have been as good as COD4, but I'd say the dogs alone place it up there with the best online shooters.

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mistermostyn3186d ago

Interesting read, but then I would say that. :)

Caspel3186d ago

I'd dare say that Bungie and Halo are going to something similar come up soon as the fans struggle to see them split apart.

barefootgamer3186d ago

I'm not sure if CoD will fully recover from losing Infinity Ward. BioShock 2, without Ken Levine, was a great game but mildly disappointing. But, then again, I thought the Fallout series only got better when Bethesda took over from Black Isle, so who knows? I can't help but compare it, though, to when a TV show jumps networks. It's just never the same.

Vip3r3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

It died after CoD 4.

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