PlayStation Move sub-controller may be renamed "Navigator"

One intrepid poster at the popular Internet message board 4chan claims to have overheard Richard Marks, creator of much of the Move technology, at a Sony event in New York City today say that the "higher-ups" at Sony aren't happy with the name "sub-controller." The name being purportedly being tossed around by Sony is "Navigator."

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Chaostar3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

If this is what the 'hardcore gamers' are gonna use with Move then it should probably have 'extreme' or 'pro' in the title lol.

Really though the "Navigator" is a step up from sub controller but I think it needs to be shorter i.e 'Navi' (Avatar comes to mind lol)

I dunno, I'm not payed to think of interesting names but since everyone hates the sub-controller moniker they should definitely re-think the name.

Shadow Flare3183d ago

glad they're changing it. "sub-controller" kinda sucks

DaTruth3183d ago

It will probably have the regular Six axis motion control for some motion usefulness(like throwing a grenade). Should be easy and inexpensive to implement!

sikbeta3183d ago

I think the more important thing about the sub-controller right now is not the name, the "navigator" needs the same motion-sensing/tech used in the "move" cuz It'll suck to buy another "move" for games like "motion-fighters" and such games that needs two motion-devices...

ActionBastard3183d ago

It may also get a light for motion tracking too.

jut4203182d ago

They should call it PS Express... I searched synonyms for precise and came up with Express as the best name and it could also mean to express yourself. I think it's got a nice ring to it. What do you guys think?

Nicaragua3182d ago

Express dosnt mean "precise", it means "fast" or "direct".


Pizza Express
Express Package Delivery

So its not a good alternative, in fact its pretty crap.

jut4203182d ago

@ ^^^^

You're pretty crap!! lol j/k man. There's more than one definition for words you know...

Express as an adjective, the definition is precise or certain

Express is a synonym of precise

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claterz3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Navigator sounds kinda stupid too, they need something short, maybe with an X or Z in it lol.

Well I cant think of anything .....

Ok i've thought long at hard about this....Move junior? lol, it's suprisingly hard to name a product.


playstation move mini or playstation Move2(squared)

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