The Gaming Pipeline – Achievements (or Trophies)

Kokugamer: "Several people don't understand the craze that has swept the gaming consoles: achievements. Those who quest for 'perfect games' are avid and obsessed players.

But not everyone understands these ideas of playing a game for three hours just to get 20 gamer points and JewWario was one of those who just didn't get it."

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Ziriux3186d ago

Once I got to 30k achievement score I just stopped being an achievement junkie.

Valay3186d ago

I don't really care about achievements that much.

Ziriux3186d ago

When you're a hard core nintendo gamer of course not, but you don't get ot hear the bubble lol. Awww.

Carnage12903186d ago

I still really love achievements, I could see liking trophies but I already had a big gamerscore by the time trophies came out so there was no switching for me.

Cinotix3186d ago

Yea same here, by the time I got to 32k score they brought in trophies for the PS3.

Cinotix3186d ago

I certainly am an achievement whore, poor PS3 fans can't get the love, trophies are ok, but not as exciting to obtain.

HypermysticsonicHMSX3186d ago

they're the same thing asswipe...
or are you telling me a bunch of numbers are better?

Fullish3186d ago

Never bothered with trophies.

jwatt3186d ago

I'm actually trying to get the platinum trophy for God of War 3 right now.

DarkTower8053186d ago

I got it a couple days ago, if you need any tips pm me.

badz1493186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I'm on my way as well and I'm taking my time with every fight on Titan! Damn the game is gorgeous! what disappoint me the most in GoW3 is how easy the challenge of Olympus is! less than 30 mins to complete everything in my 1st run is not what I've been expecting! the challenge of the Gods in GoW and challenge of the Titans in GoW2 are head and shoulders harder than Olympus!

on topic, for those who say that they are not bothered with trophies or saying than trophies are pointless, I assume you guys are thinking the same think about achievements! if not, that's kinda STUPID because both are exactly the same thing implemented uniquely on different consoles!

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The story is too old to be commented.