What The HELL Happened To Uncharted 2...

Ironstar writes:"It brings me to a huge disappointment to see a game that I love so dearly come to such a terrible decline, though this isn't the first time I've dealt with such heartache."

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tdrules3184d ago

the online was average at best.
The single player was awesome.
it's had its dues, you honestly thought the MP would last?


Average? Maybe its just me but I prefer 3rd person shooters and love the more intimate low number of players. But this happened with Gears 2 also. The devs listen to people who have abandoned the game while people like me keep playing it. The devs will try to implement patches while dedicated players have gotten use to the previous patch. Its a slap in the face to the dedicated players when devs change things for people who have already abandoned the game.

tdrules3183d ago

meh, they listen to players, ND have done many polls in the blog for the dedicated players, and I'm sure if you shouted loud enough they will listen in the forums.
I'm sure Ironstar makes a bigger impact due to his SONY bumming blog anyway, ND would listen to him

FishCake9T43183d ago

Dude this happens with all single player games. I didnt buy Uncharted 2 for its MP so once i completed the story a couple of times and put a few hours in the MP i havent touched it.

Michael Myers3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

still the greatest game of all time. well, the top 5 of all time. 1.mgs4 2.zelda ocarina of time. 3. uncharted 2. 4. mario bros. 5.pacman.

Mr Logic3183d ago

I was a fan of UC2 Multiplayer and played from the beginning. Honestly I didn't notice that much of a difference when patch 1.06 hit. Sure there were some changes, but being a gamer I adapted. I also realized that these changes were done by the request of gamers so if it makes them happy then that is good. You take the good with the bad, and if you don't like the multiplayer then just stop playing. Easy as that.

Fanb0y3183d ago

Uncharted 2 online was mediocre from what I played. It 'works' but I couldn't see any depth to it.

Not being a fanboy here or anything. I really tried to like Gears 2 competitive online, but couldn't get into it. I guess it's the 3rd person shooter part that doesn't work for me online.

Prototype3183d ago

Whats with all the Uncharted 2 hate lately?

Gue13183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

I'll be honest. I didn't like the Uncharted multi because it took so many bullets to kill anybody but, now? Oh man, I love it, it's freaking perfect. I've been playing it all day and now that I'm drunk I'll be probably playing U2 all night! It is like Call of Duty, only better! Very noob friendly but still really cool. I got the game when it came out but it is now when I'm really getting into it.

I just beat FFXIII and U2 will be the game that I'll be playing until I find my next jrpg """"Star Ocean vs Resonance of Fate""" Just don't which...

I want to say my PSN but then Odion would ban my account because he hates me because I don't like Colbot. =(

FamilyGuy3183d ago

I pretty much abandoned it when white knight chronicles came out though. I'm really an rpg gamer so an online rpg is like crack to me, especially since psn is free.

WKCs even stole some WOW players, it's really fun, if you like grinding.

Information Minister3183d ago

This doesn't surprise me at all. Uncharted 2 is first and foremost a single player experience, and what an experience it is! I'm glad that the developers kept the main focus on the single player. The multiplayer was created latter in order to add replay value to the game. Fans of online gaming have probably moved on to games like MAG, Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare 2 or even Bioshock 2.

Personally I thought the co-op was a lot of fun, but I could never really get into the competitive modes. Then again, I'm not much of an online gamer. Basically the only game that I've played online for the last few months is MW2.

y0haN3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

It's still the best experience one can get with a PS3 exclusive online.

Lich1203183d ago


Really MGS4? Its amazing to me how much i can disagree (I didn't actually put a disagree point on your post) with that being the number 1 game but still complete respect your pick of ocarina of time. Ocarina of Time is one of my all time favorite games, yet I couldn't for the life of me make it more than 2 hours into MGS4. Im not trying to come off like a jerk, if you like it thats cool, but every other game you listed I can understand... just MGS4 was so painful to me. Ah well, certain different tastes I suppose!

N4BmpS3183d ago

Look if you can't take a few changes then maybe your not that great of a player I actually haven't played the MP in a while but when I do come to it(since I stopped playing the MP once b4)I plan on doing some damage. However since I am relatively familiar with the U2MP if this is as noticeable I'm sure ND will take care of it. Until then do what I did, adapt to it. Like I said b4 I haven't played the MP in awhile even so last time I've played I have not had a laggy game.

Danteh3183d ago


MGS4 is a game in which you have to persist playing.
Stealth mechanics are much like adquired taste, at the beggining they are frustating yes, but I promise you that by the end of MGS4 you will be thinking "damn, this is one the best games I've ever played, holy sh!t". Believe the hype.

As for my list it would be something like this :D

1- Zelda Ocarina of Time
2. MGS4
3. God of War Trilogy
4. Super Mario World
5. Final Fantasy X

FadeToBlack3183d ago

MGS4 should not even be on the list of top 5 games EVER period.

Commander TK3183d ago

that Naughty Dog fixed the those things with the patch. Especially that stupid health system. I was tired of loading a whole clip to kill someone (Halo style, god I hate that). Although I only play the game online with friends.

creatchee3183d ago

I like and somewhat agree with your list, but you're kinda cheating with God of War Trilogy, no? :)

BattleAxe3183d ago

Does anyone know if they got rid of the grenade launcher? I hate it when people used that thing.

HSx93183d ago

Whoever wrote this article, go play Modern Warfare 2 and then cry you noob.

ChineseDemocracy3182d ago

To be honest, all these Uncharted 2 is "insert negative comment here" articles are such nonsense. I don't understand why people can't seem to accept the fact that it's an incredible game and leave it at that.

Don't hate, appreciate.

Solidus187-SCMilk3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

I loved U2 multiplayer and was very good at the old 1.04 and earlier. Im still good but I hate how EVERyoNE dies more and the games are faster paced and while they make small improvements they mess alot of things up at the same time.

The game used to be more fun for sure.

They changed it because people "emtied whole clips to kill people." Well I could easily kill 2.5 people with one ak clip before the 1.05 update, so im guessing those people have poor aim.

Now the worse part is the spawning right next to each other CONSTANTLY. I thinks it due to people dying faster due to less health.

I think they should have tweaked weapon damage and kepth the HP the same for the 1.05 update. I would have been easier to balance the weapons.

I really wish they would offer a 1.04 playlist for all those people who PUT IN THE TIME to get good at the ORIGINAL GAME that over 3 million people bought(many based on demo/beta of old version).

I dont see why they altered the multiplayer sooo much after 5 months and everyone would be happy if they offer a separate playlist for olld school u2 mode.

Ive noticed not as many people playing since 1.05 update.

edit-- I can tll alot of people here didnt play the multiplayer that much since it came out. Many people LOVED the game and got very good at the game in the 5 months it was out before they changed it drastically. People who wrent that good or new to it complained on the ND site that they took clips to kill people when in reality they just had bad aim and hadnt played as much as the people who loved the online portion of u2. Now they try to make an unrealistc game more realistic by making it more like MW. It completely threw all elements of the game off balance and ND is trying to piece it back together. I just want a playlist to play the version I bought.

So basically Nd diminished what skill could do for you in the game to make it easier for everyone to kill but also die more and crowd up the spawns. Also lag is more noticable and glitches on train now alot.

I just feel that changing the game soo much without offering a 1.04 playlist option is a pretty lame thing to do to people who loved it how it was and put in the time to get good.

EDit-- Also I BOUGHT U2 FOR THE MULTIPLAYEr BECAUSE I LOVED WHAT IT USED To BE. The recent pathces have been bad for the game to me since I put in the time to get good at the original games and beleive it was much mor fun an ballanced the way it originally was.

N4g_null3182d ago

You know they could have you know gave people the option to play the old version or the new version. I mean have these devs never played quake 3 or the mods before?

EliteAssass1n3182d ago

update 1.05 killed it for me. Too bad as i considered it my favorite multiplayer game on the PS3.

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Gradient3184d ago

What a lame and pathetic article.

Marceles3183d ago

He's not trashing the game, he's just saying some of the additions made in the newest patch made the MP worse than it spawning right in front of a guy with a shotgun.

Mr Logic3183d ago

That is OPINION. I like the new update so does that mean I'm wrong?

Treezy5043183d ago

This article is right on point, this game's multiplayer has gone way down hill in the recent patches that were released. I love this game to death and I play online religiously, but since the latest patch I find myself annoyed at how noob friendly this game has gotten. I hope that with the next update they go back to the way the spawns were originally, but until then I will just keep playing the game because this is still one of my favorite games to play online.

LordMarius3183d ago

I agree, only patch a game for the glitches not to drastically change the combat, something Naughty Dog and GG should learn

tdrules3183d ago

I love how people blame fans of OTHER games for the downfall of KZ2s multiplayer.
Do you lot not realise, it did nothing to the genre, and a lot of people moved away and the dedicated stayed by all means (i hear the clan system is still very busy)

FanOfGaming3183d ago

The clan system has probably run away with even more valor boosters...

solar3182d ago

thats how console gaming works. play the new hotness til the other new hotness comes out. without a library like the PC has they have to jump from game to game to keep interest.

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