PAX East 10: First HD Dead Space 2 Footage - Gamervision

Gamervision reports: "During the Penny-Arcade Expo today, the developers of Dead Space 2 provided convention-goers with a quick look at the sequel. We have that very same footage here, for you to enjoy. Check back for more news from the sequel and all of the PAX East goodness you're missing in the coming days."

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dangert123124d ago

defo looks faster and you can tell its going to be actioned packed
graphics seem to have improved but when we get a proper video ill let you know 100% what i think

drdistracto7073124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

that was [email protected] SWEET!!!!


EDIT: the new zero gravity looks... indescribable

HammockGames3124d ago

I'll be looking forward to more. Dead Space 2 is one of my most anticipated games.

I just hope they don't tinker too much with the original formula - they really nailed it with the first DS.

bruddahmanmatt3124d ago

They've already said that they're going for more action over suspense/horror. Hopefully they don't deviate too far from the original formula as DS filled the void left by Resident Evil after 5 went all action-adventure on us.

Megaton3124d ago

Remaining skeptical on Dead Space 2 after the devs made the claim of wanting to be more action than horror. Afraid they're gonna go all Resident Evil 4/5 and derail the winning formula they started with in the original Dead Space.

raztad3124d ago

DeadSpace 2:Modern Warfare?

ShadowRyuX3124d ago

That joke is so 2 days ago....when I made it!
This video does look really cool though, but I am still worried that the game will not be scary at all.


you guys are really dumb, the devs never said they were going to focus more on action lol in the game, they simply said they were adding more variety and crap like that. They even said theyre hoping to haved this one even more scary. I would dig out the Game Informer issue with Dead Space 2 as the main preview to quote somethings they said, but its 3:30am and i dont feel like looking for it. I cant believe you guys, this game is gonna be awesome, probably the only multiplat ill buy this year.

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M337ING3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

It looks like development on this game is progressing well.

zack613124d ago

Holy sh*t that was awesome.

Blackcanary3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

on firefox is anyone else having this problem?

Edit: just had to wait a bit looks good from what is there just hope it still has the same horror fill and scare factor that the first one had.

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The story is too old to be commented.