Horrible Camera Angles

Camera angles are one of the often underappreciated good things in a video game. A good camera angle lets you fully view your character and environment. Back in the days of 2D gaming an overhead view was often used along with a sidescrolling view, with the latter of which still being used today in some 2D platforming games. When the 3D era hit, most developers had trouble programming in that third dimensional space. There were many great games once they got the hang of it, but even some of the greats had horrid camera angles.

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Smacktard3185d ago

SM64's camera seemed great at the time, but it hasn't aged well. It seems really outdated nowadays, while the OoT camera is still pretty fantastic.

I don't think the picture they used in the article was that great of an example though... you'd obviously just push up + left :P

Moduserous3185d ago

Regarding the screenshot - I think that's a pretty good example. Where is Mario walking again...?

Bereaver3184d ago

Actually, some of the camera angles in FFXIII kinda annoyed me. Did anyone else have that?

Evil Rant Monkey3184d ago

though i'm not enjoying playing through ffxiii, i've found the camera angles to be good. I find it shows off the environments very well.

Cajun Chicken3185d ago

I kind of expected more in the article...?

SinnedNogara3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Speaking of horrible camera angles, I just bought Resident Evil 2 on PSN.

On topic, this was a very short article. Suprising actually.

PinkUni3184d ago

alot of the way the camera is place is part of the stylization of the game.

people wonder why games are made with awkward camera angles, and its done on purpose for it to be challenging or to add a different feel.

now games are all becoming standardized first person shooters, because apparently that's the perfect camera and all other cameras are unacceptable.

Etseix3184d ago

agree, Resident Evil's camera angles are an example of that, thats why the game was scary (for me) i still remember when nemesis was chasing me, i just could hear the noise he makes while running, but i cant see him cuz some camera angles, ...this is were the -scary- moment begins.

Megaton3184d ago

How could you mention horrible camera angles without Itagaki? Poor camera angle design is kept alive and well today thanks to him.

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