5 real-life habits to blame on games

Andy Corrigan of This Is My Joystick takes a look at real life habits that he literally can blame on games. Like many people he doesn't realise what he is doing and before he knows it, he is already scoping out cameras on buildings and much much more.

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ceiltsei3183d ago

.. should add driving over innocent civilians and collecting guns.

HolyOrangeCows3182d ago

Guilty. In fact, I was just dreaming about an idea I have for a game half an hour ago.

The Great Melon3183d ago

Lol I always note all of the security cameras I pass in a building too.

rezzah3183d ago

true i kinda look for cameras, but i do it out of boredom and wonder at how and why they put it where it is. Also I like when they try to make it clueless by having no shown cameras, yet theres this nice looking mirror in the room =p

Anyways, be aware of your surroundings is all.

ChrisW3183d ago

"Forward quarter circle forward" is a great technique on your "joystick"!

I don't know why he wouldn't on his!!!

DelbertGrady3183d ago

I pretend old people are goombas.

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