Top 5 Xbox LIVE Arcade Games of 2010

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"We here at PlanetXbox360 are all very excited about some of the big upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive titles such as Splinter Cell: Conviction or Halo: Reach, but sometimes that hype overshadows great up and coming Xbox LIVE Arcade titles that should not be missed. This year will most likely be another stellar year for Microsoft's micro gaming arcade service, starting with the company-wide Block Party event taking place this month. Whatever taste or genre of game you might favor, there is most likely an excellent arcade game coming out this year to suit your wants. So let's take a look at some of the top Xbox LIVE Arcade titles that will keep you busy while counting down the days until your most wanted retail-releases."

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LaurenKB1233161d ago

Looking forward to another XBLA title like Shadow Complex, easily the best downloadable game across all systems last year!

Ninji3161d ago

Flower was the best downloadable game across all systems last year. Sorry, but it's true.

Aloren3161d ago

Flower was great...but it was not really a game... Anyway,whether you like Shadow Complex or not, it got a better metascore, so there's nothing to "lol" about.

3161d ago
mrv3213161d ago

Having only played the shadow complex demo I won't speak about it, I do KNOW it's an amazing game. But this is what I think of Flower.

It's the best purchase I've made.... in a very long time, I can suffer from lack of sleep at times taking hours to drift off so I think that'll be a problem pop in Flower and play for litrally ten minutes and it relaxes me so much, it's not dull but it's just ambient, no mental strain just that. It is a game, it's not the best game ever made but it's really good.

Shadow Complex is probably a better game in my honest opinion... just something I for some reason didn't pick up new and can't get round to picking up now. I fear the same will happen to Just cause 2. It's a problem I have and happend for tons of games like red fraction.

HolyOrangeCows3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Splinter Cell isn't an exclusive...

Can't wait for Super Meat Boy.

Aloren3161d ago

Who said anything about shadow complex being "far better"? Certainly not me... but considering its metacritic average, I see no reason why you should laugh at anyone who thinks it was the best downloadable game last year. Well, no reason besides you being a blatant fanboy, considering the content of your second reply...(shadow complex mediocre ? really ?...)

Anyway, I own both Flower and Shadow Complex (I wish all games could be that mediocre...)but Trials HD and Trine remain my personal favorites.

I hope we see as many great downloadable games this year...

cliffbo3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

just took a look at shadow complex must admit it looks fairly good.

Freak of Nature3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

When comparing Shadow complex and Flower it's like comparing Gandhi and Hitler....

Now with idiotic comparisons aside I would recommend both games to all players...

A game that I would like to suggest for Live coming this Summer is "Limbo"...

DelbertGrady3160d ago

I think Everyday Shooter is a far better example of a great PSN game than Flower.

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Caspel3161d ago

All I have to say is... The Game Room blows! Where are the classics?

tinajacobs12223161d ago

Yeah, Game Room is pretty underwhelming right now. Hopefully soon they'll get more though.

ThatArtGuy3161d ago

is that they charge you for games that you probably have already bought on XBLA already.

feelintheflow3161d ago

Then nobody is allowed to complain right? At least that is what I was told when I complained a little bit about home.

Theoneneo813161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I'm Sorry Game Room and Home cant even be put in the Same planet let alone same sentence at the moment I DL GameRoom and its pretty pathetic removed it after i got the easy 70GS points at least with home I can play some games and not have to pay for it.

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Myst3161d ago

Wow this article made me think Sonic 4 had been released and I missed it. Well either way can't wait!

Should buy Perfect Dark even though I still have the cartridge, only reason I'm hestitating is because silvers' can't play with others so..:/

Cajun Chicken3161d ago

Uh, isn't it splitscreen? Easy way around it.

Myst3161d ago

But then it's whether or not I want to buy another 360 controller ( only have one ), or buy the game and live. Or I could just stick with N64 version. Actually waiting for MH Frontier to make it's way over here so I can pay for that and get Gold as well so I could play various games.

Urmomlol3161d ago

Perfect Dark is awesome

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