Biggest winners and losers of March 2010

Ex: "With most of March's significant titles already released, it is time to put down our video game controllers for a few seconds (and only for a few --after all, God of War III isn't going to play itself) and look back at which developments in the gaming industry this month were clear cut winners and which either massively disappointed or simply did not impress."

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tehk1w13185d ago

Seriously disagree with Metro 2033. I thought it was pretty good. Granted, the shooting was kind of broken, but whatever. I'm hoping they make a sequel.

blitz06233185d ago

Metro 2033 is one of the losers because it was touted by some fanboys to be the KZ2 killer and it never lived up to that hype. See what hyping does to a game? Like FFXIII, though it did sell well so it has to be one the winners, in fact the lowest ranked winner.

Redrum0593185d ago

i dont know much about it but my nephew is a big fan and all he does is complain about how much of a let down this game is and all the features that the game is missing compared to its earlier games. now all he does is wait for starcraft2 to release.
OH and sony deserves to be in the number one spot

HolyOrangeCows3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Metro was a loser because the shooting (You know, the most important part of a shooter) was an issue and it wasn't the graphical masterpiece it was made out to be. Not to mention the iffy stealth sections. And the poor AI. And design. And etc, etc, etc.

"Just a few short months ago, Xbox 360 fanboys could get away with criticizing the PlayStation 3's library of exclusive titles"
.....uh, no.

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tinajacobs12223185d ago

No Red Steel 2? I thought that was probably the biggest surprise of March.

Urmomlol3185d ago

Haha, it's always fun to read about how much people hate Activision and Bobby Kotick.

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