A Day in the Life of a GTA Pedestrian

resumeplay writes: "You wake up and notice it's a beautiful day. You stretch, yawn and with an absentminded smile you walk over to the bathroom to get ready for your day. You brush your teeth, get dressed, and make some breakfast. Ah, what a nice morning, you say aloud, and walk over to the door with your keys in hand. Open the door and BAM! You've been sniped."

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smashly3162d ago

This is a pretty funny read, I love messing with the pedestrians on the game.

Ziriux3162d ago

Same here ,GTA bores me after two hours so i start killing innocent people ,like in real life.

SKGamer3161d ago

This is a funny read, I'd like to see some other articles along the same vein. They remind me of these "on the seat" interviews one of my friends used to do, where he did mock interviews with gaming characters (like a drunk Master Chief, a jealous Luigi, a kind Mr. Big Daddy).

And yeah, the pedestrians are the world's best killer fodder. I love that they try so hard to escape in the new games. Makes it that much more fun to run em down and kill em. Hehehehe. Sadistic much?

Ziriux3162d ago

Ahh their lives are mysterious, as a gamer, you never know what you'll be doing to the poor citizens.

fbgamer3162d ago living in Liberty City aint easy

Ziriux3162d ago

Sex guns drugs, all recipe for a dangerous world.

poindat3161d ago

Liberty City must seriously be one of the safest cities I've ever seen. Sure there is the extremely rare carjacking, lots of drug flow, and gangs, but outside of that--literally the ONLY person causing trouble is the player. You never see homicides or muggings unless its mission related, but in that case, once again its your fault.

You can pull up to housing estates in an exotic car, wearing an expensive suit, and carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars, and nobody even gives you a second glance.

Yep, dangerous my ass. :p

SKGamer3161d ago

Really? You play GTA 4?

Cuz the newest version has a lot more unscripted events, many of them involving other criminals. At least a dozen times I've seen criminals running past me, being chased by cops, and they had nothing to do with what I'm doing. Sometimes I had just loaded up the game, sometimes it was during a miss, other times I had just been screwing around. And I've had gang members shoot at me in Alderney before, and even heard gunshots in the park in Algonquin.

So while it might not have as much non-player crime as a real city, it does have some. And to be honest, in a real city you wouldn't WITNESS the crimes very often, so the fact that you are present for so many in GTA means the city is pretty bad.

Just my thoughts. I loved the realism they packed into 4, and its very living city and pedestrians.

poindat3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Yeah, I play GTA IV. I do see criminals running past me as well, but if the officer manages to arrest them and I hear him read the charges, it is always for petty offenses (stolen wallet, etc.).

I've never really witnessed or heard random shootings though, or at least from what I can remember. Player to player experiences will always differ though, so that's okay.

Your point about witnessing the crimes is good as well, and I agree with that. It's just that you can feel MUCH safer walking through supposedly sketchy neighborhoods in GTA than in real life. But hey, what am I expecting? It is a video game after all, one that does (as you said) excel at creating a living and real environment from what the dev team had to make with. I'm just being too tough on it. :D

SKGamer3161d ago

Yeah, that is true, even with the violence I never feel worried in the game.

I wonder if that has to do with the game-ness though. I mean, if I had a fricking AK-47 in real life, I wouldn't be too worried in NY. Or if dying just set me back a couple hundred and a hospital visit... either way, good stuff to discuss.

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