IGN: Nintendo DSi XL Review

Aside from the size difference, the DSi XL is nearly identical to the DSi. But when it comes to a handheld as tactile as the DS, where ergonomics are a crucial part of the experience, being bigger actually makes a sizable difference.

You've probably seen pictures of a DSi XL set next to a DSi for comparison, but it's hard to visualize just how much bigger it is (93 percent, to be exact) until you see it in person. When fully opened, the XL approaches the size of a small book, measuring 6.3" wide by 7.1" tall. Most of that space is taken up by two 4.2" screens. For its size, the device is thin, light, and easy to carry, though it's not as portable as the smaller DSs. It'll fit in a large pant pocket, but you'll really need a bag to drop it into. Unlike the all-matte DSi, the XL has a glossy exterior on the top panel. Despite the extra display area, battery life on the XL is actually slightly better the DSi's. We got five hours of playtime on max brightness.

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