Nvidia's GTX 480: First Fermi Benchmarks

Can a three billion transistor GPU that eats power supplies for lunch find love and glory in the hearts of gamers?

Enrico Fermi gained fame as a key player in the Manhattan Project, which gave the world nuclear fission and the first atomic bomb. Nvidia's Fermi GPU architecture – now seeing the light of day as the GeForce GTX 480 – hopes to create its own chain reaction among PC gamers looking for the latest and greatest graphics cards.

Originally code-named GF100, the GTX 480's long and controversial gestation saw numerous delays and lots of sneak peeks, but Nvidia's new graphics card has finally arrived. Sporting 1.5GB of fast DDR5 memory and an exotic heat-pipe based cooling system, Nvidia's managed to squeeze this three billion transistor monster onto a card just 10.5 inches long.

Can Nvidia's long-awaited 480 GTX capture the graphics performance crown? And if it can, is the price of glory worth the cost?

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Avery3159d ago

This is maximum PC's review not gizmodo's

JsonHenry3158d ago

The price,heat, and power consumption would not be a problem for any PC gamer if the performance was there to justify it. It is only marginally better in performance than the competition and a lot more power/heat hungry per performance.

ATi_Elite3158d ago

I disagree and even if the GTX 480 was 25% better than the Hd 5870 across the board as an Enthusiast who prefers Air I can't have 95 to 100 c sitting in my rig. not too mention this card alone pulling over 300 watts. These cards were cherry picked so there is no telling what kind of disaster is going to be sitting on store shelves.

Have you seen the SLI PSU requirements? 1200 watt PSu. I can run two HD 5970 in crossfire for 650 watts (minimum but 800 watts for multiple HDD and an overclocked CPU and GPU) and only see temperatures NO higher than 80c overclocked and at a quiet 52 decibels noise.

For those who prefer liquid cooling the heat will be no problem and for those who have a Nuclear reactor in their basement the Electricity won't be a problem either.

The HD 4870 x2 was frowned upon because of it's HEat, power draw, and noise so ATI answered back with the HD 5000 series that is quiet, powerful, uses less juice, and produces less heat.

I'm sure Nvidia fanboys will buy the gtx 470 and 480 in droves but as i do so greatly care about performance, I care more about cost and bang for buck. HD 5850 in crossfire is still the best solution for DX11.

TABSF3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Why do people name the cards wrong!!!

Its GTX 480 not 480 GTX

Where as Nvidia or any Vendor Shown the card 480 GTX never because it does not exists, also people did this with the complete GT 200 series yet did not do it with GTS or GT cards

Its GTX 260, GTX 275, GTX 280, GTX 285, GTX 295, GTX 470 and GTX 480
NOT 260 GTX, 275 GTX, 280 GTX, 285 GTX, 295 GTX, 470 GTX and 480 GTX

Does ATi name the HD 5870 "5870 HD" NO!!!

hoops3158d ago

Not worth it based on power and the minimal perforamnce above the 5870.
Not to mention ATI is dropping the price of the 5870.