Nintendo's New DS Will Still Force You To Re-Buy Your Digital Games

Kotaku: Lagging behind standards maintained by competitors Sony, Microsoft and Apple, Nintendo is launching its second portable gaming system capable of downloading video games, without letting those who downloaded games on their first DS to transfer them to the new one.

Nintendo is currently operating a pay-for-it-twice system for its DSiWare line-up, something that will be evident to those who pick up the DSi XL when it launches this weekend and try to download games they may have already purchased for the DSi. Nintendo told Kotaku that the DSi XL will not recognize prior purchases of DSiWare games - downloadable games such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again and ArtStyle Pictobits that typically cost $2 to $5, even though the same games are made to run on both systems.

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Gradient3188d ago

It's getting embarrassing now.

zeeshan3188d ago

I don't think it's about online infrastructure. It's about making money. It's not a big deal to solve that issue. This is pure bullsh**

fatstarr3188d ago

i agree they need a database system before some shifty hacker figures out something and screws them over for a while. lol like Nintendo's online system in all aspects is a joke and i am a Nintendo fan saying this.

jc485733188d ago

I own the old ds lite for this very reason just in case something like this happens. Even if I plan to buy the xl, I won't sell my ds lite regardless.

fatstarr3188d ago

i hope we dont convert to digital media. it just gives companies a bigger reason to try to take advantage of you.

ZombieAutopsy3188d ago

and this is why people pirate games.

Quadrix3188d ago

Give them time. They'll fix it with a firmware update. There are a plethora of things they can do. The easiest possible option is to change it so that you can transfer games between two DSi's via the DS Download that's used to download DS demos off the Nintendo Channel and transfer Wi-Fi data between two systems. They could also allow it so that you can move the games via an SD card.

Neo Nugget3188d ago

I figured this would happen, which is why I don't buy DSiware games anymore.

I might pick up a few if they announce a fix to this situation.

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The story is too old to be commented.