Bowling Reveals More MW2 DLC, Price Gouging Explained

The first map pack for Modern Warfare 2, "Stimulus Package", hasn't even been released yet, and there are talks of continuing DLC for the title.

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tinajacobs12223186d ago

Oh, Bowling. They just fired your bosses and you're still dancing to their tune? Wake up, man.

Idle h4nds3186d ago

Not surprising that he is. He has nothing to do with development he's just their PR guy right?

ReservoirDog3163186d ago

Well, I'm sure the average mw2 player will more than get their money's worth if they buy 5 more maps than what's already there. People literally through days into mw2 and at $15, I'm sure it's money well spent. I mean, I'm spending $17 to see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow. That's like 2 hours.

Still, it would be nice if they would give it cheaper or give a free map out just out of goodwill. But I guess that's asking too much from activision.

HolyOrangeCows3185d ago

Even once they've pushed the price of map packs up to $20...$30.....heck, $60, they'll just claim that it will "FEEL" like your money was well spent.

bruddahmanmatt3185d ago

"Regardless of what the price is you’re going to feel your money’s well-spent.”

And the stupid statement of the month award goes to...

My buddy and I loved "Mercenaries 2: World in Flames" over the summer because it was a lot of fun for the $8 we spent on it brand new from the Wal-Mart clearance bin. However, to suggest that we would have felt our money was well spent had we paid the full $60 for it is called "talking out of your ***". Robert Bowling is an idiot.

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xGet_In_There3186d ago

Your a fool if you buy this DLC. He says it will be "worthwhile" but after spending $150 on the prestige edition of this game I was bored after 1 month of playing. And I didn't even play it everyday. But that's just my opinion. People will continue to buy anything from these s**itheads and then continually complain about glitches and campers.

poindat3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Come on man, you should have known better than to shell out $150 for a game that some would have difficulty picking up at $30. Guess you learned your lesson though, huh? Better late than never, at least.

Don't fall into these traps--the extra goodies are a lot of times not worth the price.

awesomeperson3186d ago

I disagree, my NVG's and the artbook sold on ebay for 170 bucks Aussie, I bought the P.E for 200 bucks, the game alone usually costs 110 bucks, if I was to have sold the game aswell I would have made quite a nice profit.

Ahh I love selling things when there "limited" edition.

MysticStrummer3186d ago

IW and Activision are here to take your money and laugh at you again. Who knows? Maybe after three DLC packs the game will be worth the price you originally paid. Dare to dream.

champ213186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

haha so true.

MW2 itself is nothing more then a DLC for MW1 which people paid 59usd for lol.

Where are the good old days when the consumer actually had freedom. Gamers used to make maps themselves and extend the life of the game.

Now a days its just greedy developers ensuring people have no freedom so they can sell their crap DLC after DLC.

Funny part is people actually think its cheaper to game this way :P

Console gamers need to stand up for their rights, Unreal proved mods can be handled consoles. So why arent they being given this freedom? just so the developer can sell DLC after DLC.

Elwenil3186d ago

I especially like this load of BS:

“I have no doubt that anyone who downloads this map pack is going to get their money’s worth. They’re going to feel their investment is worthwhile."

Why is that? Because I sure as hell don't feel like I got my $60 worth from the game itself. I understand why some people like this game but from my point of view as a long time military shooter PC gamer, games like this are destroying the genre with all this overpriced arcade action crap. I laugh at people that say they are "hardcore" FPS shooter players and then start rattling off various CoD stats. These people wouldn't last 5 minutes in Raven Shield or even Ghost Recon without throwing the mouse in frustration. The fact that just about all developers are trying to capture some of CoD's market by dumbing down their games has ruined what I once loved. I simply do not have enough middle fingers to express my feelings for the CoD franchise, and Activision's business policies.

PhantomT14123186d ago

Huh, I don't see an explanation here...

champ213186d ago

Translation in short : Milk

Revvin3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Pricing gouging explained? please someone point out where that was done? I only saw marketing spiel and a non-answer "people are going to get their money's worth" really?? from two old maps you've ported across?

This is pathetic. After the months of glitches, cheats, poor play balancing for a game that already had an inflated price Infinity Ward should be coming out with their tails between their legs and offering it for free (like DICE) or at least at a very cheap price as an apology to the millions of fans who bought the game. Every Call of Duty game was a no brainer for me, it was a day one purchase but I will be very cautious in future about buying any further titles. With the Battlefield series doing very well and Medal of Honour franchise being kick started Infinity Ward and Activision have to try much harder next time out.

madjedi3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Unfortunately infinity ward as a studio is basically on life support, with appointed suits from activision barking orders, they have been kept busy working on the dlc, and maybe fixes for mw2.

Considering activisions handling of the firing of 2 iw head guys, the lawsuits filed claiming activisions owes those 2 and regular employees compensation bonuses.

The moral at iw, is probably non existent, the remaining iw employees are likely counting the days till their contracts expire, and have resumes waiting to be sent out to developers assuming they aren't trying to leave as a whole.

They may be able start the bare bones of mw3 before their contracts expire in october, but who will finish it, and how horrible it will be, iw is or will be gone and i doubt treyarc can step up to the challenge.

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