NZGamer: Just Cause 2 (PS3) Review

If you were looking for a job in tourism then the island nation of Panau would be a dream place to work. It has it all - remote beaches, lush forests, sprawling deserts and majestic mountains. Panau is simply gorgeous. The perfect job... if it wasn't for the attack helicopters, revolutionary guerrillas, crime lords and United States covert operatives constantly blowing the crap out of everything. But that's the world of Just Cause 2, a game all about base jumping, black ops and blowing stuff up.

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ian723185d ago

Got this yesterday and amazed how large the map is. Found an helicopter and it took ages to fly all around the Islands, around an hour or so.
Haven't played much of the story so far cause I've been having too much fun doing stupid things with my grapple and parachute. Just looking around from an helicopter is great watching the sun set and rise.
I can see me and many others spending loads of time in this game. It's just got so much to do and see. Very good game, I would recommend this to anyone who likes action games, you're missing out if you haven't got it.