Unreal Tournament 3 in OXM: The Screenshots

On Wednesday, BeyondUnreal reported that the August edition of OXM was graced with a new Unreal Tournament 3 video and a few unlockable pics. Dusk was kind enough to post a low-res snapshot of each of the unlockables.

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P4KY B4005d ago

If the PS3 version is better than the 360 version then it will prove console superiority. And vice-versa.

God of Gaming4005d ago

There have been many multi platform game... by your scale the 360 is better based on many multi platform games already released.

But I do not think one game proves anything in either direction...

P4KY B4005d ago

Epic are NOT LAZY.
There will be no excuses available from either camp. 360 or PS3

This game will be huge and push both systems.
The best looking/playing version of this game will be on the most capable games console.
I'm curious to see which one will win.

Nicosia4005d ago

Well the whole lazy argument, could never fully agree with it. Lets say its got a structure built for most possibilities. Every new structure it adapts to it has to the old structure, but if its difficult to even match it...then we got a problem. Thats with most ports, and sadly when its supirior on the new console(lets say Oblivion) its sadly just a little upgrade. What people are expecting is ''this is gonna be 10X better''. And my second argument; how is a dev. lazy, he spends about 6 months of this life with his crew trying to give this game out.

JsonHenry4005d ago

Yeah, everyone knows the 360 version will look better... but they will BOTH look like crap compared to the PC version!!!

The real comparison should be the 360 version versus the PC version.

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MK_Red4005d ago

Awesome find and awesomer pics. Epic was saving UE3's true power for their old and original series it seems. And its right afterall since that is UNREAL engine 3 and this is UNREAL game 3. Cant wait!

ReconHope4005d ago

i thought the ps3 gpu sucked and was a gaming console second and a bluray player first.(sarcasm)

Sie4005d ago

Those pics are from the 360 version :D

VirusE4005d ago

Don’t be brain dead those are 100% pc screen shots and running on a high dollar sli machine. 256 Megs for ram will not be able to pull that off. While it will look great on both the 360 and the ps3 the pc version will destroy them. Keep in mind 8800gtx sli cost twice as much as a ps3 and they are capable of 1 teraflop. I know some fanboy is going to chime in with the theoretical numbers that SONY PR tossed out saying the rsx does 1.8 teraflops but in game 50 gigaflops is the high that has been achieved with the rsx in the REAL world.

Expect slightly better than gears quality graphics on the consoles.

i Shank u4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

if you dont believe it oh well, dont pretend to know where the screens came from. want to point out both PS3 and 360 use 512 MB Ram not 256, and are very capable ofthese grphx.. my bet is the 360 version may look barely better; both will look amazing, PC will look best.
these graphx have improvement over gears with the amount of colors and the lighting and asihfah223 damn this game looks sexy. been playing UT since the original, great series, and this looks to be the best.
P.S. PS3/Xbox360 cross platform multiplayer would be amazing; hope they do it.

VirusE4005d ago

Yeah, I can read. I still 100% disagree that it’s running off an xbox360. Go back and look at the original videos for gears. Look at the video from 05-06ish with the gas station where they push the car down the hill. In the video the graphics are way better and there are kryll EVERYWHERE; in the actual game there isn’t even half that much kryll and the graphics are toned down. UT3 will be no different. When it finally comes out the graphics will be toned down quite a bit for online stability reasons. Those pics are too good in my opinion. Those graphics are WAY better than gears and gears online can only handle 8 people. It’s just not realistic.

okcomputer4005d ago

ps3/360 cross play would be sick, but i think theres no way thats happening given the rivalry between the companies. I'll be picking up the pc version of this though. A PC is so much better for fps than consoles.

i Shank u4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

PC is better for FPS. its good PS3 version lets you plug in mouse and keyboard for controls, too bad 360 doesnt.

@ VirusE this game will be out around a year after gears, giving them lots of time to improve on the engine and its use on consoles; these look like good use of 360/PS3; Mass Effect has higher resolution and detail then these shots, so they arent the best grphx either. gears pissed me off they showed a bunch of $hite in commercials and screenshots that didnt happen; still awsome game tho. anyways, we'll see how the grphx are when the game's out. lets not forget these are screens taken with camera off a tv.

P.S. that pic with green goo blobs shooting is amazing. If these are 360 shots or PS3 shots, epic should be given a cookie.

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gapzi11a4005d ago

OXM = Official Xbox Magazine

risk4005d ago

kinda like a copy of PSM, and NP playstation magazine and Nintendo power(is this still alive??)

CG4005d ago

If epic games takes full advantage of both the 360 and PS3 strenghts(which im sure they will) then i fully expect the 360 version to be the better than the ps3.

ngoniko4005d ago

Sony and Epic is working together to optimize unreal engine for the ps3. Hope it's working.

Kleptic4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Does anyone read all the news on this game? or pick and chose what they want to hear about it...

Epic has said on numerous interviews that they were treating Unreal 3 as their breakthrough to the PS3's market...they have claimed it have had the most attention of all three versions (mostly because it had to be that way, being that they had done zero work with the hardware at that point)...and that as of April had made strides with the system that they really didn't think would be possible on paper...those comments were probably the result of Sony's large chunk of "help"...

and stop saying the PC version will be the best...UTIII on a complete custom built rig will be...but that is hardly what most PC users have...both consoles are much better than any garden variety standard multi purpose PC...and weaker than high end PCs that are at least 1000 dollars more than a PS3 (that is assuming you have the ability to build it won't buy a 1600 PC that will touch either console)...

less than 10% of the PC gamers have a computer that will touch this game on the higher levels of detail, or Crysis for that matter...yet people constantly jump in saying "PC version will pwn"...if you are one of the few with the cash to make that happen, so be it...but most people making those comments have nothing close to that...If you look at even the PC gaming market as a whole, and how skewed the market is with weak and strong PCs...the PC version overall has the ability to look the best...but, especially at launch, both console versions will destroy how this game looks on the average PC that most PC gamers own...

This game is going to be great on any system...the whole franchise always has been...I really can't see how Halo 3 and KZ2 can get so much attention (although we have seen nothing mostly from either of those games yet) when this is pretty much a guaranteed fantastic looking and playing fps...

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