The Making of God of War III

The Digital Foundry Blog at Eurogamer takes a close look at God of War 3 on PS3:

"Post-GDC and in the wake of last week's gargantuan Uncharted 2 post-mortem, Digital Foundry's "downtime" this week was spent playing the UK's - and most likely the world's - number one video game, God of War III.

Previously we've covered the Sony Santa Monica team's work in radically improving visuals and performance of the game since the release of the E3 demo. This time, we're focusing on how state-of-the-art technology meets a vision of an epic, interactive cinematic experience that makes God of War III one of the most involving, visceral and exciting video games ever made."

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TheLastLevel3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Wow, I read the article and I must say they sounded pretty impressed. Here's a little quote:

'It's games like this, along with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Killzone 2, that give the platform holder ownership of the bleeding edge of console gaming technology in the current generation.'

Can't wait to see what else Santa Monica is cooking. :)

andron3187d ago

I can't wait to see what Santa Monica is going to do next either.

They'll improve their tech, and they seem to have many great artist working there. So the sky's the limits for these folks...

MexicanAppleThief3186d ago

Awesome stuff. They also mentioned about having alot of power to spare too, so the future of Santa Monica should be interesting.

Icyhot3186d ago

Wow absolutely amazing... The MLAA although giving a better AA actually renders in lesser time. Now that is really impressive.

"In the case of God of War III, any given frame typically takes between 16ms and 30ms to render, give or take a millisecond or two. The original 2x multisampling AA solution took a big chunk of rendering time, at 5ms. Now, the hugely more impressive MLAA algorithm takes a total of 20ms of CPU time. However, it's running on five SPUs, meaning that overall latency is a mere 4ms. So the final result is actually faster, and that previous 5ms of GPU time can be repurposed for other tasks."

And this is why MLAA can't be applied on the 360. The other day quiet many people were arguing, but the number of Cell SPUs work together to bring the final latency down... Bububu Cell is not required!!!

raztad3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Just yesterday I was arguing about MLAA and how good it looks on GoW3. I have to say it looks gorgeous. I'm absolutely satisfied with GoW3 AA.

Game runs smooth, look smooth and play EPIC. Kudos to SSM and kudos to the new visual king GoW3. I'm already waiting for the next game to dethrone it. The PS3 is a powerful beast.

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DigitalAnalog3186d ago

I didn't watch the vids as I haven't played the game yet. (No cash here...)

-End statement

Ravage273186d ago

can't wait for Sony first party devs to start utilizing it,just imagine inFamous2 with that anti-aliasing technique!

jalen2473186d ago

GOW III is the ish.

Best graphics to date.