Does Modern Warfare 2's Success Mean Less Hardcore and More Accessible Games?

As developers and publishers struggle to recuperate both development and marketing costs, which have grown to astronomical heights in recent years, the games that they make must be able to reach all of types of gamers. While Call of Duty has never been considered by most gamers as a "hardcore" game, two upcoming and established franchises have taken the approach and revamped their entire systems to try and walk the line, in an attempt to get the best of both worlds in both game play and in sales, while staying true to the fans that got them there in the first place.<more>

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Johnny53182d ago

That was a long ass read. I don't know, but it sure does seem like the big budget games are all going down that road like you said. What's really more irking is that the games you listed are Xbox exclusives. Honestly, I think that Sony is the "hardcore" gamers platform now. The Ps3 is what the Xbox 1 was last generation. You listed splinter cell Xbox exclusive, and Halo Reach exclusive. And I totally don't agree if you lump God of War in there it was innovative maybe not in gameplay but it was something I never seen before.

eemoemo523182d ago

PS3 Games do seem to be more original. Like Demons Souls for example. You can put that up against Dragon Age anyday. And it craps all over Oblivion

Burn3603182d ago

PS3 Developers are no more original than any others. The games they are making are only better looking. And thats only a handful of titles.

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FanboyAttack3182d ago

Small changes like trueskill in Halo will not change the fact that its the best FPS in gaming for the past 8 years.

zeeshan3182d ago

The fact is that there will always be both the "more accessible games" and "the hardcore games". For example, I believe Mass Effect 2 is a more accessible RPG-Shooter game yet you have a rock solid RPG like Demon's Soul as well. People loved both of these games and enjoyed many hours of quality gameplay.

The thing that we all should be concerned about is why do games with multi-million dollar budget turn out to be glitchy? The glitch-flagship title has to be Modern Warfare 2. Not only did the game look almost exactly like COD4 but it also played like that. Now, I can understand that you can't change the gameplay to a whole new level (especially when it comes to the over milked FPS genre), but the fact that the game STILL suffers badly with glitches, that's simply pathetic.

Still MW2 was a massive success and it is not a good news because if you bought that game then you are part of the problem. You are actually encouraging developers to not work hard and put in half the efforts and expect millions in revenue. THAT is what we all should be concerned about IMO.

St0n3d Bluntman3182d ago

Video games have had a hard time becoming main stream because of the lack of accessability. I for one am turned off by the overall progression of some genres, but for video games to ever be considered in the same light as other media it needs to be more accessible. I mean everyone can read a book or watch a movie. Not everyone can pick up a controller and play a video game

avengers19783182d ago

Developers should first worry about making a quality game, and then worry about making it toe the line between casual and hardcore.
Devil May Cry series is for the most part a difficult game, but the second one was so painfully easy, because when making it they listened to the people that couldn't do anything in the game. Meanwhile people like me are cranking up the difficulty and still getting through the game. Maybe the answer is in the leveling system, first let me say I hate it when games don't offer a harder difficulty setting, Easy could be accessible for all, Medium still accessible but a little bit difficult, Hard Really difficult and not for casual gamers, and then Hardcore for people like my that have yet to find a game that is to Hard. Just think back to the old nes, atari days some of those games were impossible... They really have been making games easier and easier. I still love the Hard games, there is a great sense of accomplishment when you defeated a game that nobody else you know can do it.

socomnick3182d ago

I still fail to see how Mw2 was not hardcore.

It's basically COD4 but added complexity and a new co-op mode.

St0n3d Bluntman3182d ago

I agree with you that developers should worry more about making great games, but I think that some games a very intimidating to people. With advancements in AI games will naturally become more accessible. I believe we will someday have AI that will evolve around the players abilities. Maybe that's a pipe dream though.

mikepmcc3182d ago

Just look at Splinter Cell: Conviction; a prime example of an awesome, hardcore franchise going down the tubes to make it more "accessible" to children or something.

FragGen3180d ago

Anyone who considers MW2 a "casual" game needs to put down their internet and step back for a little while because they have completely lost all perspective.

MW2 is incredibly, crazy, non-casual. People who do not play it constantly and who do not have SERIOUS FPS chops will get completely and utterly pwned. A lot of people get frustrated by cheap exploits but it's designed as a hardcore game (as was COD4, which really is fundamentally the same) and generally plays like one.

If you're p*ssed about the design trade offs, tweaks, or exploits enabling some cheap strategies and exploits fair enough, but the game IS hardcore and is incredibly n00b hostile.

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ChickeyCantor3182d ago

note: more accessible =/= less hardcore.

FanboyAttack3182d ago

I don't think it's an exact science. I think like Max Beland says in the article. They are trying to find a balance that incorporates everyone. Meeting somewhere in the middle.

ChickeyCantor3182d ago

Nah im just saying cause most people only read the title xD


they may be trying to find the middle road or whatever, but they have not found it yet imo. while they are trying to find it they are putting off more and more hardcore gamers.

this is just my opinion, but I really don't think they can blance it like that. I don't see whats wrong with just leaving the hardcore games to the hardcore and then making new games that are aimed at the casual gamers.

whats F-ing me off is they are taking the hardcore we love and dumping them down. I know there are others who disagree with me and they don't mind all of this because it's to their benefit.

in the end though, if they want to go down this rout thats fine. My money wont be supporting it though - just like I will save the money that was going towards SC and wait till something worth my time comes out.

kenlawson3182d ago

innovation is all that matters. hardcore or not is only a term describing the gamer not the game. I do agree though that we see less genres and types of games.

shikwan3182d ago

is a hardcore game and look how quickly people buried it based on it's release issues, yet it has less bugs & glitches than MW2 and better graphics & more vehicle use, as well as more realism than Bad Company 2.

The hardcore generation of gamers is painfully!

cheese3182d ago

Meanwhile ArmA II has retained its community and people have stuck with it during some rough patches because it's a good game. Operation Flashpoint 2 was not.

ASSASSYN 36o3182d ago

Flashpoint was doomed out the gate. When developers confirmed it wasn't going to have editor support for consoles, and weak multiplayer numbers on small maps it was screwed. I sat on those forums for months watching the game I and others hoped for wither away.

kneon3182d ago

I don't think the hardcore are dying out, it's just that their numbers are swamped by the casuals and not-quite hard core.

Dragon Rising is definitely hard core, I still haven't finished it. But they can make such games more accessible. There should be easy modes that are truly easy and hard modes that really are hard. I finished MW2 and BF:BC2 on their most difficult levels and it was hardly any different that playing them on normal, which was ridiculously easy.

Uncharted 2 is a good example of a game that handles this pretty well, the difficulty ranges from "very easy" to "crushing". Very easy is easy enough for most people to tackle. Crushing is pretty hard, though I'd like to see it get more difficult in UC3. Any game that I can complete at the hardest level isn't hard enough :)

solar3182d ago

my problem with the popularity of MW2 is that some will believe it's the new standard of how FPS's should be done. MW2 is a very noob friendly game that a 7 year old can pick up the controller and do fairly well. the game is too forgiving and promotes behavior that ruins the fun factor of what an FPS game should be. it was a game made for the masses and dumbed down to get the most sales.

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